31 May 2006

World Cup 2006

I watched the England game and was actually quite impressed by our performance, even against a poorly ranked team. There were several main points I think stood out in that game.

  • Beckham seems to be working on his passing and crosssing again, I dont think hes been world class for quite some time now, but I think he may yet again become a national hero, even though he is, lets face it, a bit of a wanker.
  • Cole brought out some very fancy footwork and DIDNT lose the ball, a huge improvement on his previous play.
  • Crouch made a absolutely precision shot, he knew where the goal was, an earlier lok told him all about the keeper and defenders then he just powered the shot in.

The poor play I saw in the game on Englands side was just because Sven had changed the team from its standard, I was also dissapointed that the new young'un didnt seem to make much of an appearance, im quite intrested in seeing how well he plays.

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