22 August 2006

Last Minute Hell

Fucking last minute grrrr

Thanks to them im off to leeds festival on friday, not tomorrow, crap customer service, tickets only arrived today, day before i wanted to go so no time to get this fixed, at least tehir name is accurate, fucking slow cunts.

Never ever buy anything from lastminute.com

Im normally a laid back person, but right now I want to punch someone, next time im going to the touts, least they give you what they need and give better customer service.

Too angry to type, will fill in the details later.

21 August 2006

Off to Exotic Leeds

Leeds fest =D

No tickets yet =(

Best be here for tomorrow!

Pirates of the Carribbean 2 = good film

Free Bars = bad but in a good way

Despite my previous conceptions a guy who brings a lightsaber to a work bash can infact be funny.

Kiera Knightly would get it, oohhhh yes.

My tickets still havnt come..

I really should start packing

It always rains as soon as the BBQ is lit

Wheres my fucking tickets.

Anyway, yeah that was my weekend.

18 August 2006

Keeping the blog alive

Ok, i dont want to lose my limited readerbase so im gonna attempt to do a participation thread.

I want everyone to give their best jokes for

English man, Scotsman and an Irish man,

Knock knock, whos there?

& One freestyle

Go for it.

10 August 2006

Writers block

I think I may have writers block, its not that nothings happening My life is currently so busy I had to tell a beautiful blonde girl that I couldnt come over when she had the house to herself for two weeks because im damn busy at work and its two of my best mates birthdays over the weekend.

Im an idiot arn't I...

Anyhow my posting may be a little less infrequent over the next week or two - not a full head on quiting posting for a while like the sexyfull NFGirl, but I am literally too tired busy or drunk to make a huge amount of posts, this seems to be a re-occuring theme as the ever cute Katy also seems to be taking a break.

Anyhow just so you know where I am at the moment the following words should give you some idea


Think about sums it up

Was thinking last night about a girl from sheffield I completely fell for, now engaged shes off the market and I would never even attempt to dredge up old feelings, like her that much i want her to be happy, damn my soppy side. I keep thinking about last time I saw her and how perfect she looked. Weird how you know nothing can happen but you feel glad for the little you did have.

In other news I would like to wish Andy and Luke a very happy birthday - two of the bdays over the next couple of weeks, I would also like to call them bastards for skinting me out just before leeds fest.

I aws thinking of setting up an amazon wish list, in the safe and happy knowledge that no one would ever actually buy anything off it, but I would nevertheless like, such as the full friends and james James Bond dvd box sets, a BMW, new laptop and computer, a few gold bars and an alexpenses paid holiday to hawaii.

Also a paypal button for you all to give me any money you can spare, which will make me a millionaire of course!

07 August 2006


Weekends are just not long enough, seriously, dont have enough time to get everything done, and by the time it gets to monday im more knakered than I was on the Friday before.

Fortunately I have a holiday coming up - Thank God

For the leedsfest weekend I have a good week and a half off, 5 days of which I will be sat in a field trying to avoid the toilets while listening to good music, moshing, jumping, drinking and for an hour or two, sleeping.

Will any of my readers be visiting the Leeds (Or reading for you southerners) Festival this year?

03 August 2006

'Equal Rights'

I dont often partake in hugely controvertial topics, however there are some things that just get me down right pissed off.

Firstly Disabled people in working environments, sure, but when they cant actually do the job due to being mentally or physically disabled? what the fuck.

The first instance I am going to comment on is regarding a factory in the midlands which turned down a man who had a disability with walking and stability, after taking the company to court he won a huge compensation and the factory was ordered to employ him. About a month later they guy died after falling into a piece of machinery, the disabled mans family is now trying to take teh company to court for allowing him to work in an unsafe environment..

The second story I read was a london company that employed a vegtable in a body near enough, he could only speak a few words of english had very little awareness of things happening around him and yet was employed by this company to 'up its quota' of disabled people, the government is worried about the state of our economy? then why force our companies to employ people who have no role???

In the same vein, women who lobbied to get into working mens clubs. for years the only retreat where men could remove themselves from the female personality, a place I would ahve loved to have been, alas I was too late.

02 August 2006

Fucking Spam Comments

Im ever so slightly pissed off at the number of spam comments ive been getting over teh last couple of weeks. I could put word verification on, but thats just plain annoying to my (very few) Real commentors. So when I get a dozen people saying there are some links of interest, they have found cheap viagra, i liked your post check out this and similar it makes me quite simply want to sue some arse.

Unfortunately this is not that easy, in most cases they are not doing anything technically illegal, I could get them under the numerous new spam laws that are currently working their way through the legal system, however for a small site such as mine, and the fact that the few legal highers would probably view spam as email only, if they are entirely sure what its about, mean that I would most likely be on a hiding to nothing.

On a happier note I won a second prize off a competitions site today, I was pretty chuffed about that, first one was for £375, tis one was only for £50, stil not too bad though!