21 January 2009

A Quick Though

The TV licence pays for a lot of the BT entertainment services, including BBC Radio, so could someone please tell me why the fuck 90% of the time the music played for anyone under the age of 6 is also played soley for people under the age of 16, who coincidentally pay sweet fuck all.

Hilarious Blog

A quick shout out, blog out or write out, of one of the funniest blogs I have read in a fair long time.

Check out http://of-course.co.uk/blog/serendipity.php

Particularly This Post

I have some big news coming up soon, have to keep it under wraps for now though, you will however be seeing more regular updates and a big change in tone!

04 January 2009


I apologise for the scarcity of posts on my blog in recent months, things have been a little busy with a new girlfriend and plenty of new projects to keep me busy, I promise to try and update more regularly in the coming year but untill then I hope you had a happy Christmas and a booze filled New Year!