15 May 2006

Follow up

Just out of interest, could anyone who believes that the reason for the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran is NOT down to them pricing oil by Euros instead of Dollars please leave a comment stating what you think the reason is?

My argument is that oil is the only thing supporting the Dollar, preventing recession, if oil was sold in Euros the American economy would collapse.

My arguments against are:

Terrorism (Afghanistan): Al Quida were blamed for the attacks, however America only went after Afghanistan, only one of the countries controlled by the Al Quida.

WMDs (Iraq): None were found, also when research was carried out on the evidence surrounding this by countries other than america a lot of it was found to be fraudulent, inaccurate or purely not related to Iraq.

Nukes (Iran): No evidence supporting the fact they are building nuclear capable weapons, however would not blame them as two of their most powerful neighbors have them (Made against non proliferation agreement but America didnt attack them?)

In fairness the reason for this backlash is that Iran has claimed it has had nuclear weapons for the past decade, probably to prevent invasion frmo its neighboring countries. However it has become clear it has nowhere near that capability and will not have it for sometime. Hwever Iran Does have a booming economy currently and there is a huge shortfall in power, nuclear power would be a good choice at this point, and would easily be paid for by the profits made selling oil that would have otherwise been used in oil power plants. (America tried to invalidate this by showing costs from an oil plant and nuclear plant, didnt mention the fact that nuclear provides a huge multiple of the power made by oil)

Dictatorship, mass killings etc (attributed to all)

This is one aspect of americas defence of its invasions I could agree with, the genocides commited by their leaders should not be tollerated, unfortunately this is NOT the reason America is invading these countries, I dont think that America should be allowed to hide behind such a Just cause when it is doing it soley for the protection of its own economy.

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