29 September 2006


Thank fuck for that.

40 minutes to go

So close but yet so far

39 minutes to go

Really want to go out tonight

Fucking boring mates

Fucking skint bank account


I might try and get some money together to go skiing abroad next year, I miss the alps, want to goto a different mountain range this time though, can anyone offer some advice on the best place to ski?

28 September 2006

Not much

Not much has happened over the last week so I am going to take this gap to plug my new site, im looking for any feedback, positive, negative or even abusive. The target audience isnt for you internet savvy bloggers, more for the old dears who have no idea how to use the internet, like my parents for example.

Anyway, have a gander on http://www.thebargainbin.co.uk

27 September 2006

For the Ladies...

26 September 2006

Micheal Jackson Making a Theme Park in Ireland?

Apparently Micheal Jackson is going to make a theme park in ireland, based around lephrechauns. Personally I think the charges against him for peadophillia were false, the families that have tried to prosocute him all have a history of trying to extort, blackmail and take advantage of celebrities. Infact most of the other families defended MJ. I do think he was confused, he grew up sharing a bed with all his brothers and sisters, and had very little fun since his dad pushed him during all his free time to dance and sing.

How many of us after sleeping with someone in your arms (not a child) for months, suddenly found yourself sleeping without them for a day, know that feeling of lonlyness? MJ spent hsi childhood sleeping in the same bed as his brothers and sisters, playing with them in that locale (in a none dirty way)

Maybe he does just miss that aspect of his childhood, maybe he is in fact lonely?

Despite the fact I think he is innocent I think creating a theme park is the most ill advised thing he could do, especially since most of the staff it will seem will be leprechauns (small child like?)

Not to mention his financial woes, the adverse publicity against this will most likely make this dream of MJ's a failure, how many parents would take their children to a theme park originating from an accused child molestor?

MJ may have good intentions but the poor bloke never grew up.

25 September 2006

Dirty Sanchez

This film was a bunch of welshman engaging in cannabilsm, self inflected pain, lady boys and hard ass sumo wrestlers, the degenerative tone of this film was disgraceful and the content was childish slap stick humour of the most disgusting kind.

Must see film, 5 stars, could have done without the chicks with dicks.

21 September 2006

Sex, Drugs and ReligionBashing Debate

over the months I have been posting on this blog I have noticed many different aspects of what kind of topics people comment on, and some that im surprised they ignore.

Sex blogs seem to do the best, pulling in more commentors than any other kind of blog, every one of them perving over the blog but pretending not infact to be a pervert. I would go for the sex blog aspectbut at the moment the minimum time between posts would at least be a format, the only work around for this would to be a sex change operation and a blonde wig, only then could I hope to compete with the popularity of NFGirl and Ellie etc

Drugs also seems to eb a hot topic, on the rare occasion I have posted about the subect I get at least one self rightious prick telling me how bad drugs are and one person telling me how he takes cocain, heroin, a tonne of weed a night and paracetamol.

Racial Bashing is also a hot topic, everyone seems to get stirred up whenever someone posts a blog bashing religion, they get loads of posts, compared to when somebody posts objectively about religion and how people view other religions, which no-one seems to be interested in.

So here is todays post,

PORN! 2 hot lesbians Rawr, naked chicks SEX! Lets all get high on crack and perfume woohoo, I hate fucking scientology, the aliens didnt come down and fuck a money to spawn the human race, retards.

19 September 2006

Religious Tolerance or Religious Indifference

A few posts back I said i would do a post on this, its not going to be very long as it isnt a huge topic, but I would like to hear your views about the subject.

The government is constantly pushing religious tolerence, however i disagree with this as saying you have to tolerate something automatically segregates you from it.

What i think should be pushed, in a more subtle way, is religious indifference, a persons religion should make no difference to how that person is viewed. The majority of people already show a high degree of religious indifference, but how can you tell how indifferent someone really is?

Take the school teacher who became a suicide bomber, he was a teacher so must ahve had a high level of religious tolerence, if not indifference. All the people who knew him said he was well balanced and a respected member of society, then he goes and blows a load of people up (On a bus or a plane or something) This makes me suspect that he was only being tolerant, and that working in a class room sends all teachers a bit whacko eventually, i know i feel kinda sorry for all the teachers at my school had to deal with some right little shits (me included).

Of course it is hard to catagorise this as a religious issue, true it is their religious beliefs making them attack us, however they dont seem to be against the religion, more the west. You never hear them saying christianity is their biggest threat dispite the number of religious attrocities they have commited against them, they all ways claim the US is their enemy and that britain is its lap dog (That latter part a least is correct)

Of course what the terrorists dont seem to realise is that they dont really terrorise us (as pointed out by mr angry ) They tend to just disrupt us, make our flights more inconvenient cause trafic jams etc.

But back to the point,

Would you class any current violence as not enough erligious tolerance, since some people obviously arn't tolerant enough, or religious indifference since some peolpe actually resent other religions.

18 September 2006


Todays post is about the greatest annoyance currently in my life - WMD's

Not the GWB Iran & Iraq type WMD's, im talking about Washing Machine Disasters.

Last night I realised I was lacking a suitably clean pair of trousers for work today, I pick out a washing machine friendly one and get it into teh wash.

I wake up this morning and put my nice clean fresh trousers on, only to find they show offmy shins. This amounted to me shouting bollocks and being 5 minutes late from work, however it got me thinking.

Millions of people around the world suffer from WMDs, the Disruptionists (terrorists for the uninitiated) give me nowhere near as much grief as washing clothes. Therefore I put to it that the billions we are currently spending in the middle east wars should be diverted into making clothes that can easily be washed dried and even put on without needing ironing.


15 September 2006

Religious Hypocracy

This has been a well discussed topic, but I think it is well worth the discussion as it is topic that interests me. Religion is always a touchy ground with many people, I personally am not religious, but am a firm believer that people should be allowed to believe what they want.

Where this causes problems is when the religions conflict, some areas more dramatically than others, however when places of work start banning christmas decorations, and antire school systems start insisting people use the term 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Happy Christmas' I think things are going too far.

While I am not christian I think the current way they are being forced to bend over for the fear of offending other religions is disgraceful. While I dont expect other religions to fully embrace christmas I wouldnt expect them to complain, if you dont like it leave a country that is multi religion.

My personal view is that peple should be allowed to celebrate their religions own holidays how they see fit, and be considerate to other religions but certainly not supress them. If a muslim, jew etc started showing support of their religion I wouldnt bat an eyelid, if they complained that showing support to a different religion was offending them however I would be drawn into an argument.

Britain is a multi cultural society, I think this is a fantastic thing, it gives us an amazing range of foods, experiences and understandings. Before people come to a multi cultural britain though they first must accept that it is multicultural, and that people must be considerate to the other peoples views, and that they will be exposed almost daily to peolpe with differnt religions and views on life.

Hence why if i was a chrstian I would have sued the bollox off of any company that restricted my religion, if christians have to call happy christmas happy holidays whydoesnt the government insist that all religious occasions be given an ambiguous name, happy egg giving day, dance like a pillock around a pole day etc should all be candidates.

I know this post sounds very Pro-christianity, but from my viewpoint i think teh world has now grown out of religion, it should be left behind. I dont think christianity is special in that respect, but I do think that they are being very unfairly treated jsut because minority religions in the UK believe different things. Ii does not seem right that organisations will offend christians because they are afraid of offending the others.

14 September 2006

Ring Tones

I am becoming more and more annoyed with ringtones, I have in my travels heard everything from a tony blair speach to the sounds of someone having sex to some guy repeating swear words in a monotone voice (which the group of 14 year olds fonud highly amusing)

Personally my phones always on vibrate, and i dont mind normal ring tones, but some of them really get on my tits.

Of course ring tones do have their upside, the people who sell them get away with charging obscene amounts of money for 15 second audio clips, which you can normally get off the ol' t'internet for free anyway.

In other news the numa numa guy made a new video, seeing a fat guy in glasses dance to numa in his bedroom was funny, seeing him attempt a proffesional video just destroyed my faith in humanity (http://www.newnuma.com I think)

I have become addicted to machine soup, i dont know why, but the chemically taste just has me hooked, i am however slightly worried that the soup has a cappachino froth on it, hence its new nick name in our office "Soupachino"

Treat your mother right

A little something to get you through thursday

11 September 2006

To Tracy

You were at leeds fest and you didnt ring me =O

Please note the following though,

A) Congratulations you got a personal post on my blog, a rare achievement!
B) Hope you get better soon, I still have a pretty bad cough!
C) Give me the name of a good opticians
D) How come its taken you so long to look at my blog again, ild kick your ass if I wasnt afraid of your humongous snake coming after me anaconda style.
E) Send me those piccies! Do you have my gmail address? (I havn't been online much so seem to have lost touch with loadsa people from the whole school/college era)
F) You still havn't come visited my new place, we shall have to go on a york drinking session!


Well, hate to say this, but the incredibly sexy Oli you know and love will very soon be slightly less sexy, but able to see your face.

After several years of intense VDU use it appears I have become short sighted, and hence need glasses, some people look good in glasses... I do not.

How did I find this out?

I was out drinking on my birthday and tried my mates glasses on, everything went into focus, this kinda made me think *Uhoh*

I am having a bit of a wrangle concerning my employers (Who say the company they contract me out to should pay) and my contractees who are being pretty good about things, and are willing to take it as a favour, however I would be losing out on a difference of £60 if i took the easy option.

Being from Yorkshire im tight enough with 60p, nevermind 60 quid so I intend to persue this with employer in the hope of resolving this without bothering my union.

Does anyone have any advice on good/bad opticians to use?

08 September 2006

Coercion or Concerned

After coming across http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5323894.stm on the bbc site today I was fairly confused by this sentance.

"For example, if a woman has a partner or relative with a genetic illness that they feel research would eventually help to cure, she might feel under pressure to donate her eggs to aid research."

Now correct me if im wrong, but the headline for this paragraph is Coercion is it just me or does this seem slightly propoganda-ish. They seem to be saying that a woman whos husband has cancer or similar is being coerced into donating eggs to a cause which may save her husbands life? I would not call that coercion, I would call that concern.

There are many groups that oppose stem cell research and donation of eggs for this, there is a group called "hands off our ovaries", what a load of bullshit. It should be the womans choice if she wants to give up her eggs to help others, and if it increased the chance of saving a family member I would not blame her in the slightest.

Then there was this paragraph, relating to an extremely rare disease,
"Josephine Quintavalle, co-founder of the Hands Off Our Ovaries group, said: "Eggs for research is an absolute no-no. The risks are too significant. The cost of even one woman's life is not worth it." "

Now correct me if im wrong, but is this woman trying to say that no woman should be allowed to undergo the treatment for donating eggs, even if it could save their childs life in the future?

What kind of person would try and prevent a person making their own personal sacrifice, of their decision to save the lives of millions of others in the future, I dont think someone should be told they HAVE to donate their eggs, neither am I saying the donations WILL save millions, but every donation would bring the scientists that one step closer, but someone saying that they should not even have the choice is a fucking disgrace from where im standing.

The woman says that its not worth even one life, how many womens lives are claimed by cancer? already the most reliable treatment for breast cancer has arisen from research based on stem cells, would this woman gladly sacrifice all those people?

What a Bitch.

05 September 2006

Back to the Real World

Well, second day back at work and im already knakered, glad of the week and a bit off I had though.

Along with arriving back at work comes the knowledge that

- I need to tidy some of the house, including my bedroom (Shithole)
- I need to wash pretty much all of my clothes, and spend a couple of days ironing.
- I need more sleep
- I should have eaten my birthday cake before it went off.

Yes, thats right, my birthday was over the weekend, I am now a fully fledged 22 year old so feel free to send me gifts!

Other news?

I had a cracking time at leeds fest, my new tent stood upto the challenges of festival life (such as salad cream fights, drunken falling over, flying lit disposable bbq's and such.) which was a bonus as my last one ended up destroyed in a heap with moz (a boy scout leader) jumping in to save the tent poles.

I went to see Snakes on a Plane on sunday, it was alright, run of the mill action film with snakes eating everything from flying dogs to genitalia. There seemed to be quite a few decent trailers before hand, so hopefully there will be a few more good films coming our way soon.

Anyway, back to work!

02 September 2006

For the fan(s?)

Ok, I have woke up slightly drunk still, as it was my 22nd yesterday. I will be going out tonight with all my mates from selby too, cant wait =D.

Leeds festival was damn good, though I picked up a rather annoying cold after watching the (surprisingly brilliant) Muse in a thunderstorm. I say surprisingly because I have never been a massive fan of Muse.

After the poor response to the joke post I have decided that the reason for this was because of the knock knock joke. They just arnt funny, I spent ages thinking of one and the one i finally came up with (googled) sucked as well. So yeah kudos to Mookie who apparently is the only funny person who stumbled across my blog.

Anyway my bed is calling me so I shall post again on monday.