12 May 2006

Jakes Plaice

After I moved to York I tried out the local chippy, had to be done!

Well the chippy is practically next door and i strike up conversation with Jake, who then proceeds me to give me his hours and life story. It is at this point I realise I am talking to the guy with the least business sense ever.

Jake: I might have to put my prices up soon, I dont get enough business.
Me: But your shops right in the middle of town, theres loads of people.
Jake: I dont open when it gets too busy, I dont like it
Me: *Stunned*
Jake: Your lucky theres any fish left, I normally close about 6
Me: Isnt it around that time a load of the local drinkers might want something to eat
Jake: I dont like serving drunk people they are all drunks
Me: okaayyy any way look at the time, gotta go!

Needless to say I now tend to stick to the chippy down the road.

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