22 May 2006

Heads a mess

Ok, think its time for an update.

Things happened between me and this lass I liked, I kinda regret it because she was upset afterwards (She had a boyfriend) and I would have preffered the whole thing to have been on better terms.

Shes now single, after her bloke guessed what she had done, and I dont know if she would still want to be with me after all that has happened. She says she would have trouble trusting me now that im livnig in York, and she dont knows how I can trust her after she cheated on her boyfriend with me. She has a point, but I do trust her, dont know why but I dont think I couldnt, if that makes any sense!

Anyway, onto other news.

The houseparty at mine was pretty good, though it did turn jerry springerish towards the end, with a drunk blond lass throwing her boyfriend about and chucking chairs at him.

I have got nothing done that I was meant to have done this weekend, saturday i was hungover and sunday/today I have just been feeling incredibly ill. I feel detached from myself, and im aching everywhere, and I mean everywhere. so along with extreme stiffness in my arms and legs it feels like someone has taken their boot to my nutsack.

I think its possibly because I was out in the cold a lot of saturday, coulda been anything from dodgy food to picking up something at work though!

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