05 May 2006

Anti-Racism gone mad

I am amazed by the racial hypocracy that goes on in our current system, in teh media and in life i find the way people trying to make things fairer for people of different races segregate them, the way a black man can get a white mans job even if teh white man is more qualified, dont get me wrong, i have black, asian and indian friends, but I think that he powers that be should judge a person by his character and his qualifications, more than quota. Again in tv, references and jokes about a chinese person (Other races too) are sometimes cut out, one of the leather weapon films was put under preasure because of its character uncle benny, and the 'fwied wice you plick' gag.

Personally I think its funny, it may cause offence to some chinese people but the MAJORITY would take the joke, in the same way that a joke about a stiff upper lipped white man may cause offence to some white people, but the MAJORITY of us would laugh it off, I think people need to rememebr that a joke is a joke, nothing more.

I feel sorry for people who get crushed under stereotypes simply because the stereotype is pushed so hard as something that shouldnt be made, take the eastern problem at the moment, there are some perfectly aimiable iraquis, indeed most of them probably are. they are faced with a small stereo type of being rock throwers, where it gets stupid is when they start throwing rocks BECAUSE we call tehm rock throwers, anyone notice the irony, its a shame that a minority of the population responded with violence.

Though I do not agree with the war on Iraq, mainly due to the reasons, the saddam regieme was terrible, and I worked at a factory for a whiel with a guy who had run for his life from iraq, his own country, because of the regeime. Unfortunately there are hundreds of regmes like this throught the world, and while it would be nice to think that America attacked Afghanistan, Iraq and probably soon Iran for human rights and the fight against terror it seems to me an obvious smoke screen for Americas very real economic problems (See a few posts down)


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! Learn how to spell! Please?!!

Oli said...

Predictive text - its a bugger.