11 May 2006


I will be cooking a chicken stir fry tonight, mmmhhhhhh, sat here at work jsut wanting the food, gonna have to get it cooked as soon as I get in.

BG. has done badly for me recently, dropped from the 800's :(

Thinking of the pub again tonight, the weather is perfect for it, can ill afford to wast emore money though!

I am opening my doors for a new project, I will help get your website set up to be SEO optimised fairly cheaply, I dont mind doing it so it isnt a huge chore for me. I specialise in telling people what they need to do to improve their web rankings, and have got quite good at it over the years. Just remember to avoid the ones that say they will improve your ranking then search for teh name of your site, or even use the Site: or Link: commands in google, which will ONLY bring up your site. Cons the lot of them to be honest!

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