30 May 2006

Night out

So yeah, I got ever so slightly drunk this weekend, bumped into the aformentioned lass, which made me kinda feel kinda uncomfortable since she had told me she was busy this weekend. But yeah, it was definately a good night, foolish dancing at flares AND reflex, plus heavy drinking ni places such as the Evil Eye (Well known to have the best coctails in the UK)

As always one of us ended up drinking something with copious amounts of tabasco sauce in, to the amusement of his fellow drinkers, and I am proud to say that it was NOT infact me this time!

Im still head over heals for this girl and I do keep getting text messages off her, she wanted to meet me later that night but ended up going home with a mate. But lets face it, she knows how I feel and if she doesnt make a move then ive fooked it, sent her another message this morning just to double check like, but if we dont get together soon I recon I will be back onto the field.

Anyway Yeah, as previously mentioned, I live outside a pretty rowdy pub in York. I was privelidged to bear witness to a fight between two henparties, schoolgirls & nurses, which, Im ashamed to say, was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. None of them got seriously injured, but it was absolutly hilarious to watch, especialy when a nurse pulled off a schoolgirls skirt and legged it down the street, genius.

Last week I saw a bloke jump out of a window, he lived in the end though, managed to make page 19 of the sun! Not sure what could go that wrong in your life to make you want to finish it all. I mean things go wrong, and sometimes you lose people you love, wether it be through death or just going of with someone else. But you will always find someone else, sometiems better, sometimes not. money wise the worst that can happen is that you go bankrupt, 6 years bad credit rating then your back in the clear, and the government is thinking of making it even better for borrowers because lets face it, bankrupcies have nearly doubled in the last couple of years, its hard for the government to make it look like we have a stable economy when that is happening.

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