25 April 2008

Another Update - Drinking and Scientology

I had a business sponsored drinking session a couple of Fridays back, this involved a huge amount of alcohol and me leaving to meet this girl at around 1am.

She never wants to talk to me again

I can't remember why.


The good thinkg about being an office worker is that there are occasional perks.

I have taken over a technology blog called GeekyWood It's a pretty god blog and I hope to improve it over the next few months with a load of the newest gadgets.

In other news the scientologists seem to have hit it big in the news again by a family who have left the cult. They bring out takes of abuse and intimidation that I think really do personify the cult as the money grabbing brainwashing bully it really is. The fact that Tom Cruise is such a big fan shows that yes, this is a Cult that goes for stupid rich people then bleeds them dry.

The Worst part about this is that they have Tax Free Religious status in the USA, I seriously do not know how the American people have allowed what is in the end nothing but a Multi Level Marketing Campaign where only the top bod collects to become a tax free institute.

In all fairness I am tempted to set up my own religion, send me £10 a month and you too shall receive eternal redumption in my heaven, which is significantly better than the christian heaven which is just plain boring, and marginally better than the Muslim one because the ladies in our heaven wern't so damned ugly that thay never had sex.

16 April 2008


I feel like I have been slacking a bit on this blog recently, and I dont think that is going to end anytime soon i'm afraid!

Quick update on my life

- I am working way too much
- I seem to have lost the ability for sleep untill 3am, my mind just keeps going on about whatI could be writing
- I am now ITIL certified
- A cannot remember friday or saturday after a rather horrific amount of alcohol was consumed
- I have realised that to learn songs on keyboard im going to have to lewarn to read sheet music. Bugger.
- I have remembered why I liked playing the field so much, it would have been one more but I vaguely remember making a tit out of myself around a prospective on said friday night.

09 April 2008


As some of you may or may not know I turneed my side job as a freelance writer into a personal career move to write for my own websites. This has proved... Tiring.

I have one website now on course for my £2 a day target that I want all my websites to reach, thats one down and 19 to go till I can quit my day job and take the writing up full time in an attempt to make some very decent money out of this as well.

Tonight however I suffered from something thtat is a rarity for me.. Writers block. I had all the information I needed, i reread the subject and then sat down to write. Nothing came out at all. For nearly 6 hours I have been sat here, unable to write about a subjeect I familiarised myself with.

It may be because I am just absolutely knakered, infact I really hope it is. If this turned into a long term problem it really would scupper my plans of leaving the working world behind and travelling the world.

Fortunately I am pretty certain it is temporary, my words seem to be flowing well enough now I am not thinking too hard about it. Maybe a week or two break is in order, since 18 hour working days are probably not the best thing for anyone!

02 April 2008


The Aussie Ex is now on a plane back to Australia to see her mother.

All my best wishes go out to her at this time.

01 April 2008

I wish it had been an Aprils Fool.

Several months ago I was seeing an Australian girl in York. Yesterday her mother had a stroke. Today they decided to pull the plug on the life support machine.

Her mother is in Australia, she is in England. If anyone has a spare ticket or two for her and/or her sister to urgently go and see her mother before she slips away completely please contact me asap, on oli4uk@gmail.com or oh seven eighhht fawe ohh tree seve two 2 fi\/e noine. (Just to stop the spam bots) Yes, I have just given my mobile number out to the random people reading my blog, it is in my view that important.

Just to let you know, while we have split up and I tried to make myself hate her there is no way I would not support her during this time. She is a fantastic girl, and her mother was amazing (She had severe tunnel vision, was legaly blind and still took my ex around Europe). Neither of them deserved this but I wish that I could have helped with more than a hug and an 'It'l be ok', I think the fact that she can no longer go upto her mother one last time, just say her last farewells, is the thing that is hurting her the most.

If anyone can help, please do so, it will be in complete confidence and I will put you in touch with the girl directly if you have any reasoning to suspect that this is a scam.

How the Matrix Really Ended

This is how the matrix REALLY ended!

Crocodile Dundee is a god,I mean come on he took down Neo!