30 June 2006


I feel I should apologise for the huge amount of typos I make, however Im afraid that since I dnt get paid for this, and really am very lazy, I will not edit posts afterwards just to correct them.

Get over it..

and stop sending me email pointing out each one and why it is specifically annoying....

28 June 2006

Cost of the World Cup

The world cup is one of the biggest events of the year, without a doubt, unless your america (and therefore unable to understand a game that doesnt have quaters)

However it does present me wth a dillema, I have watched most of the games, only staying in the last two days due to feeling like utter shite, and even then ive watched the odd bit of the games. In most cases this has resulted in me going to the pub, buying bottles at obscene prices and going out and celebrating on behalf of the winning team afterwards. This has, not surprisingly, left me a little short this month, just got paid and im still in debt. The words 'uhoh' and 'shit' seem appropriate here as because this month I have a red hot chillipeppers gig to goto, then in august I have leeds festival (Which will definately push me over my monthly budget) I have also promised to goto bath for a night out in bristol, as well as a work do on friday where it will be a curry then drinks. All this culminates in me being, quite simply, in the shit.

Of course, there are ways around this, i could get a secodn job, or even go on a murder spree like this girl planned to.

It is however important to point out that im always too knakered after work for a second job, and if the murder spree thing didnt work i would be pretty damn upset about getting my arse pounded in prison every day for 10 years.

Suggestions anyone?

27 June 2006


Feeling rather ill today, also the aussies got knocked out, another sweepstake lost, and I did quite like them as a team!

But yeah, hope I feel better for friday, going for a meal and have a game to watch!

21 June 2006

F*cking Chavs and teh Benefits Problem

This is a topic that has been covered In a wide range of blogs, but I feel the tiem has come for me to bring my take into the arena.

There is an ever increasing problem in the uk of layabout chavs, Absolute tits, who annoy everyone and dont work, living off our benefits system, and in extreme cases having kids simply to get benefits. I f*cking hate this.

Fair do's, if someone gets knocked up through no fault of their own they may need some financial assistance, but the system is baing abused so badly it is unbelievable. I think a good approach would be to only give benefits to people who have tried all possible ways within reasonable measure to have a full time job, and balance a family life. most people manage to have at least one person working in the family, so I cant see why the chavs should get away with sitting on their arses at home all day, collecting government cheques and then causing trouble in town.

The best government scheme I have seen recently are the childcare vouchers, though I dnot know much about this it allows peolpe to get subsidised/tax free vouchers that can be used at nurseries if taken right from your pay packet, thank god there is something that helps the peolpe who deserve it!

The only reason this exists is because the government is giving so much to the 'slackers' of the nation, if the government gave support, but not enough to live on at least they would get jobs. Unfortunately the low level workers of this country get hammered by the government, I pay a lot of tax, get sweet FA in benefits and struggle to keep my head above water. How can a government function by giving benefits for doing nothing and penalising those who get off their arses and try to climb the ladder. It doesnt help that nowdays you cant afford to buy a house till you hit your thirties.

Rising inflation, much higher than the government, and I use this term very loosely, estimates, is gigantic compared to rises in wages, the rent alone usually takes about half of peoples salaries, and energy bills are set to double. the slackers will be fine, middle and upper class will be fine, btu us low paid slackers, will basically, be getting screwed.


Last night, for the first half, I believed we could win the world cup, our play was fantastic, we made full use of our midfield, it all seemed to be going well, even though they did score. So what went wrong?

Firstly, I think our main downfall in the second half was Sven reverting to the tactic of missing out midfielders in plays, it doesnt seem to work, it puts players out of their natural style, and I dont really know why he doesnt change.

Secondly, Crouch travels far too mcuh of the pitch, even with his legs the fact that he seems to get into defence before the defence is going to knacker anyone. If he concentrated on attacking and didnt cover the whole pitch things might have gone better for us, especially with the departure of Rooney mid way through the second half (though it was quite funny when he got into a strop about being taken off)

Joe Coles Goal was some great precision shooting, something that has definately been lacking previously, im glad hes in the team!

Also hats off to gerrard for his header, not many people could have pulled that off!

All in all, great game, I was damn mipressed by our first half performance, and I think the play is a ray of hope for our world cup showing.

19 June 2006



BT are a pain, I rang to query a £20 disconnection charge at work today, not much, was tempted not to bother, so I ring the BT Business Service Centre.

First things first, I hear a new voice message, a 30 second annoyance before it rings through to the main centre, I enter the phone number concered when promted, this is where it starts to get good.

It asks ether its a Business line or not, on THE BUSINESS CENTER NUMBER, then it goes through two more sets of option, each with four choices, my choice is of course the last one on each. I get asked to hold by the nice machine.


40 minutes later...

A droning, very bored, clearly doesnt give a shit voice goes

"Can I take your account number please"

I reply "Hi, my acc..."

before getting cut off,

"Sorry I didnt catch that, what was the account number again?"

I give her the account, and she proceeds to ask for my name, company etc.

then she asks what the problem is, I explain to her that there is a reconnection charge on teh bill, this is quite intresting since its never been disconnected. She then tells me that she cannot, in fact, do anything with my account, it has to go to our account manager, and puts me on hold without another word.

Now bear in mind, this is a single bill, not part of our main account, why does ONE ACCONUT need an ACCOUNT MANAGER, I mean seriously what does she do all day!

After another 5 minutes of waiting I get through to my apparent account manager, who in a bored but this time polite voice asks me all the account number, security questions etc again. I dont mind so much when poeple are polite, as I know when people get passed about its not realy their fault, however my account manager for this account apparently does not ahve any access to details of the account.
This stumped me a little, and started off a nervous tick that I havnt seen since my stocks crashed by about 7 grand on 11/9 (No matter how many times its said i will not use the american 9/11, bloody backward f&*ks

She informs me that i need to ring a number, which is the number i rang in the first place, so i inform her, quite shortly that that IS where I rang in, and was told they couldnt help me.
Quite impressivly she sits through another 1/2 hour of hold music with me until someone at the main bt desk picks up, my 'account manager' leaves me and i proceed to talk with the new woman.

The new woman sounded a lot more like she had her wits about her, however when I starteed querying the charge (which should have been removed by our account manager when it was inccorectly put on months ago, this being our propper account manager, incharge of several hundred thousand lines) but i was told that apparently acconut managers cannot waive charges, this gives me another moment of confusion, if account managers cannot see, or change an account what do they infact DO. Considering we do seem to have approximately 20 account managers within BT this is quite annoying, but yeah, after about 10 minutes of negotiation she finally removes the charge as a goodwill geuture, and now all is good, of course untill the next bill where we realise that the charge is probably still there.

I love my job, really.

World Cup Gamble

I have made quite a few bets on this world cup, most I think are justified, with only a couple that im a bit worried about.

First Off, My Wiliam Hill Bets

  • Brazil to win (£20) - 9/4
  • England to Reach Semis (£10) - 9/2
  • England to win (Place every year) (£5) - 6/1

My Betfair bets

  • Brazil To Reach Final (£10) - 2.64
  • England to reach Semis (£10) - 2.74
  • England to wni Vs Swe (£10) - 2.64
  • Australia to Qualify (£10) - 2.12

And Top Goalscorers on betfair, I ahve split £12 over 5 players

  • Adriano (£2) - 19
  • F.Torres (£2) - 16
  • H.Crespo (£3) - 8.8
  • D.Villa (£3) - 7.4
  • M.Klouse (£2) - 12.64


Trust me.. I didnt read clicksors T&C's, turns out you cant sue them for personal blog type websites!

So I am now on the search for an advertiser that will live up to my expectations. May be a long search!

Ahh well, il have to do some in depth research tonight, there will be a company out there that can provide a good service, but unfortunately small time websites like mine do not really account for a huge amount of hits on the internet.

if your site is not a personal blog please still sign up with the link below, I still rate them as a good advertising company, and im hoping that I can find a company that can match their service that will allow personal websites.

16 June 2006


Again from the dilbert blog (my daily escape from work for 5 minutes) I ahve found myself drawn into reading the comments, at the moment the blog seems to be veering into the paranormal and supernatural, people whos magnetic fields break watches, or switch streetlamps off. While this all seems rather strange it does actually fascinate me, unlike the religious debates, where i just get infuriated by the fact that so many idiots can believe in a god, the paranormal world has countless proofs of strange events happening, im not talking about ghosts and such, but premonition dreams, telekenises, mind reading, all that kind of stuff.

Firstly, I find visions of ghosts and such to most likely be delusions of the mind, possibly used to explain to the person something they already know, but have had trobule figuring out,

The watches resetting etc may be possibly by the human magnetic field, this kind of intrigues me, and I would quite like to see a full scientific survey conducted on this!

Telekenisis, moving matter by mind, i think this may tie in with the human magnetic field, however I have trouble believing that the mind alone could concentrate to such huge extremes as to be able to do this.

Mind Reading - Advanced poker playing, some people get very experienced at picking up peoples emotions, feelings etc just by looking at them, again this could be linked to the human magnetic field if people learn to 'pick up' the fluxes.

Dreams is interesting.

Have you ever had that feeling when your just droping off to sleep then your whole body jerks, and it kinda feels like youve just droped from 5 feet in the air, kinda freaks me out. Dream wise I have dreampt about stuff that then happened, but could that just be my brain working out the future in a logical way from previous events?

This has been rather freaky in my life, I once went over and talked to a person, fully knowing who they were and their name, only to find they had come over from america for the first time and had no idea who I was. Scary shit...

Out of body experiences? Never happened to me, would be pretty cool though. This is something I find more hard to believe as it involves 'spirit' not something I can realy believe in!

Has anyone else had any experiences that while strange CAN be rationalised, and maybe some who have had something happen that was just too strange to rationalise!

World Cup Woes & Clicksor Cash

The world cup game for england last night was a bit gut wrenching for me. Its hard when you support your team so pationately to see them miss so many fantastic opportunities in the first half alone. Though we did pull it back we are gonig to have to improve dramatically in the quater final stages if we want to progress, if we get germany, though they arnt at their best at teh moment, they will not be as forgiving as Trinidad & Tobago.

On another note, I am now uing a new advertiser, Clicksor have a competitive rate and display a wide range of ads (Compared to bidvertiser, not too impressed with theirs & though they pay well their adverts are generally so insignificant no one clicks them!)

If you wish to take a look at clicksor I would heartily recomend them as a great agency to work with, they have a great reporting tool, good rates and a huge range of advert types. Its free to sign up, and if you want to give it a go just click the link below.

15 June 2006

I saw the following comment on the dilbert blog, I believe this is genius at its best!

"When traveling back from Mexico by car with my roommate, we were asked a couple of routine questions at the border like where we've been, where we were born...so on.

Then...THE question came: "Do you have any drugs?"

For all those out there reading...let me leave the rest of the story up to your imagination except for one piece...trust me...you won't be far off from what really happened.

My roommate responded to this question by saying "well...what do you need?"


Cashed another cheque today, was only for £15.80, but on top of the two £50 odd cheques my total must be well over £125 for a £35 outlay, not a bad turnover!

The largest win in my line has been £178,000, near enough, unfortunately i dont get to see a penny of this, if only I had been in that syndicate group!

If you wish to join our e-lotto syndicate visit http://elotto.thebargainbin.co.uk
It will allow you to play the uk and euro lottory tax free from anywhere in the world, give it a shot!

Remember, if you reffer 5 people you can even play for free, reffer even more and you might even get a small amount each week, but lets face it, the real money to be made with a lottery syndicate is on the heavily increased odds of winning. Though I wont spout the 88,000% Greater chance that they give you in all the advertising blurb because I believe this is misleading, and makes you thnik you could wina huge prize straight off, it does increase your ods of winning dramatically, but in most cases the first few weeks you will get a disappointing 86p before your syndicate hits a £50 - £300 win!

Personally though, since I now play for free, the increased ods of a lotto win, coupled with playing for free make this a fantastic opportunity!


And it gets worse...

For the first day in my current job I have slept in, arriving only half an hour late this would not normally pose a huge problem, however today I wanted to leave early to go watch the england game. This is going to take some creative negotiation with my boss!

Either that or i sue the sony for making a shoddy alarm, i mean two fucking times it went off, apparently to a 'crashendo'and i dont even stir, what the hell is up with that!

14 June 2006

Google F*ckers

Last week I was notified that my google adsense account had been disabled, upon closer inspection of the email it was apparently because I had held aprevious account which had been disabled due to repetitive clicks. After querying this with google I was told that my name and geographical location matched that of the abuser, when asked about the 'geographical location' they told me that this was 'within the uk'

Ok, lets face it, my name isnt common and the odds are slim, but were talking about the WHOLE OF THE UK HERE, not just england, but the whole lot, for all i know there could be some scottish bloke with my name chuckling at this right now.

Unfortunately I have been informed that there is nothing I can do, as there policy is not to re-instate overly clicked accounts, despite the fact that im not the actual clicker. This is a bit of a pain for me because i have tried incredibly hard to stick to googles t&c's including taking pains to make sure their ads are seperate from those of other advertisers and ensuring that the sites ive advertised on are suitable for googles purposes (in some cases emailing them to double check wether a borderline case is allowed)

The worst thing is, not a single other advertiser seems to offer the quality of advertisements as google, I have tried a few but it seems that my hopes of continuing use of googles service have been dashed because one of there fcking admins has matched my name to some other fcker.

Therefore in the next few weeks if I manage to get some free time together I will be swapping all my ads and trying the Microsoft and Yahoo ads, though im loathe to use MS as there online services are absolutely abysmal, usually requiring no end of passport signups and all kinds of shananigans. Even msn's profile service is a pain in the arse now as you cant even have a decent sized picture, bastards.

But yeah, sorry for the rather depressing and irerlevant post. if anyone has any suggestions to available advertising companies for small time people please pass some my way!

This makes things incredibly difficult for me as i was working out income/expenditure on gogoles income, i was getting very little elsewhere. Since google have just taken the money I have earnt through them they have quite simply F*cked me. Donations would be welcome as im not 100% sure if i can afford to keep my servers up when the tiem comes to pay for them!

13 June 2006

Download Festival

Download was Amazing!

Guns n' Roses had a poor start but things improved dramatically towards the end with the re-introduction of Steve Adler and Izzy from back in the day. Best till last as always, paradise city was amazing, and seemed to go flawlessly. I was a bit dissapointed that Welcome to the Jungle didnt feature, considering it sued to be their signature song its surprising it was missed out!

Prodigy were fan-fucking-tastic, i was dehydrated to hell by the end of it, wouldnt mind seeing them again!

and yeah, englands game was pretty disapointing on saturday, crouch had no support upfront, we are going to have to improve if were going to win the cup this year!

08 June 2006

Download Festival

Download here I come! I will be at Download festival this weekend to see prodigy and guns n' roses not to mention a huge array of other bands. I cant wait!

The tickets arrived today, this leaves me with the problem that this week is going to go incredibly slowly, I do have a lot to do though so it should help!

Lesson Learned

Last night I learnt a very important lesson about mysellf.

Im shit at snooker. Not just bad, its easy to be bad at snooker.

Basically when I stopped concentrating I had a red, blue, red, black, red break. Then a red, blue, red, green, red. pink break.

When I actually tried to play, concentrated on my shots, lined them up etc i missed constantly.

My state of mind last night was a beligerant 'What the hell'

Hence why this weekend I will be going to the snooker club by myself and practising for a good couple of hours, it needs to be done.

07 June 2006


Off to play pool and/or snooker tonight, should be able to make up for my previous performance since im feeling pretty on the ball tonight.

I received a text this morning saying 'still waiting for that txt sexy' I cant remember promising to send a text, but I have no idea wether its someone i met while pissed, or if its a wrong number. leave a comment saying 'text' or 'ignore' I will do what the winning response is, hurry though as there is only the three day statutory ignore period after first contact!

06 June 2006

Night Out - Part 2

So after a days work of people trying to take me down while I was suffering with a rather severe hangover I stagger out of work fully intent in going home for an hours kip, or so I thought.

Unfortunately on my walk home I have to walk past about 9 pubs and a bar, used to be 2 bars but one is temporarily shut down. This is in an incredibly small stretch of road, as York is jam packed full of drinking establishments, and I find myself going into the welcoming open doors of the windmill, where i proceed to continue getting drunk. after a couple of hours I head home, have a can then head towards the kings arms, a small local pub in york that is famous for getting flooded at least annualy. On a quick note, I bumped into one of my neigbors standing on the roof outside my window, she seems pretty sound and works in a swords/crossbows etc shop nearby. But yeah, I take my pool cue as it is definately on the agenda, and we spend a good couple of hours standing in the sun sipping on the pints, eyeing up the totty and wondering how some girls who must have been about 12 got served. After musing over this for a while we head off to play soom pool, where, and im not ashamed to admit it, I got absolutely trounced. Revenge game wil be in order for that abysmal performance. I head back, get drunk some more and soundly collapse in bed about 1ish.

Saturday was pretty good, a simple sit in the pub drinking and playing cards, im determined to learn to play poker well, it seems doable as im good at a wide range of card games, just never had a propper shot at poker!

Went out for a couple after that then went and watched a dvd with my housemates, rounding off a fairly relaxing day.

Night Out - Part One

Ok, the drinking started thursday night, I went to see the aforementioned girl for a little bit but was only there for 20 minutes when she hinted at the fact that it was going to be a girls night out, and, in nicer words told me to go away, and ring her later, unfortunately by the time i rang her she was on her way home and I was steaming drunk. So proceeded to dance with every woman i could, discovering one hen night was all dressed as schoolgirls and every single one was lacking underwear, top and bottom led to an intresting half hour, and I would probably have returned had I not been accousted by a load of hen night nuns.

Dont get me wrong, I like pantiless women but I preffer a challenge, sluts are only good for one thing, im looking for more of a relationship at the moment. The nuns held an impressive display of drinking competitions which me and a mate joined in, and I have to say they held their drink well, the winner being a woman who must have weight a minimum of 20 stone, not surprisingly in my opinion.

I would be lieing if I said I wasnt missing the lass from earlier. I do like her a lot and would have much rather been dancing with her, but somehow I dont think its going to happen, win some lose some i guess.

But yeah, as the night progressed I ended up in good ol mickle gate takeaway, munching pizza, and minus my boxers, which the nuns deviously stole from me in the gents, thats one story that is way too blue for the blog. I dont remember staggering home, but next thing I know im waking up with my alarm blaring and have to goto work, still slightly on the pissed side, was horrendous.

World Cup - First England Game

The first world cup game is nearly upon us, and the England game coming up on saturday should be fantastic *Dances about in excitement* I have missed hte raw excitement that seems to accumulate when the england footy team play, its no where near matched by rugby or cricket. Dont get me wrong, you want them to win, but it just isnt the same!

But heres the plan.

Me and a couple of mates are tempted to go overseas and watch a game or two of the World Cup in person, unfortunately we cant decide which games, there is basically two sides. The side that wants to go and see games we will definately win, hence they will be very enjoyable and allow us to taunt the opposing team mercilessly, or the side that wants to see good football teams so we can see a fantastic game of football no matter what the outcome. Personally im a bit undecided, but i think a win against Brazil would be a hellova lot better than a win against Jamaica, they should stick to the bobsleding judging by last weekends game.

In other news,

  • I desperately need to do some washing
  • I dont think me and this lass is going to work out, she just doesnt see intrested anymore.
  • I pissed off so many people at work last friday, unfortunately this time it was mostly people I like.
  • I placed a £5 bet on Croatia to win the world cup, after seeing the odds I thought whehey thats worth a punt (after way too many pints)
  • The bloke who tried to top himself turned out to be suffering from a few broken bones only, me and a few other people are getting ready to wait outside with some complementary tickets to the chrysler building and some pointy sticks.
  • I watched Carrie last night, loadsa naked birds at the start, was a bit let down by the main character though. They should have taken someone like the girl from not another teen movie who could become instantly fit after shedding the gawky look.

And thats a quick round up of my life, I will post a bit more about my pissed up antics last thursday, friday & saturday shortly, however im still trying to remember them. Be warned it contains Nuns, school girls without underwear (Only pretend scool girls, *raises middle finfer at peados*) and copious amounts of alcohol and random dances.