05 May 2006

Beer Garden Weather

The weather outside is amazing a the moment, and i would class it as near perfect beer garden weather, I think the pub will definately be in order tonight.

Apparently Islamist extremists are now changing video games to show arab crusaders against invading us soldiers. Fair play in my opinion, since we have more than enough games where the aim is to shoot them. I think this may get blown out of propertions, mostly because americans are two arrogant to be shot at in a vdeo game (in general) and secondly because the press will love this story. They dont seem to realise that on popular games (Like battle field 2 which they mention) you can usually choose any side, on battlefield 2 I play the US no more than any other faction.

My shares dropped like a stone yesterday, I believe they will pick up again shortly, its a bit of a downer on the day when you wake up and see youve lost £200 though ($400) especially since thats going on for a weeks wage after tax.

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