11 March 2012

SXSW and The Joys of Non-Office Working

Life may be stressful sometimes when you are self employed, but the pure flexibility of non-office life is amazing, especially when you reach events like SXSW, where there are hundreds of fantastic events scattered over a two week period.

Its hard to remember what it was like working in an office (Back when I started this blog) but the dramatic lifestyle change has definitely been for the better. A move to a nicer climate not only makes life a lot more bearable, but being able to work in coffee shops, on my balcony, or even just from my bedroom makes work enjoyable more than a chore.

This is where you need to know that work simply does not need to make you 'unhappy'.

So today, I have done a little work, will be going to a free BQQ, with free drinks, and might spend a little more time tonight.