15 May 2006

Download Festival Here I Come

I will be heading darn south for Download on the 11th for Guns 'n Roses, Rumour on the market is that the full original band will be playing, although rumour isnt always right (Take the AC/DC surprise appearance/headlining that has meant to have been forth coming the last 5 years)

But yeah it should be good, will also be seeing the prodigy for a bit!

I still need tickets for Leeds festival, feel a bit worried about buying them off ebay (as always) but it looks like thats going to be the only option for another year running.

Tried to get tickets for Maximo Park (We are here) at Fibbers in York, unfortunately the queue was massive and we got no where near the ticket office before they were sold out!

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Anonymous said...

Come on Leeds Fest! Should be awsome!