12 May 2006

US Democracy, The Nazi Regime.

The Nazi regeme was based on a perfect race of people, tall, blonde, blue eyed and strong. Unfortunately those ideals are not really feasable in todays world (Though since im tall blonde blue eyed and strong I would be ok =D)

The problem with this? The Nazis oppressed and killed people who did not fit in with their ideals, and had massive torture and concentration camps. They were condemned because they invaded other countries even though they at first did it under the guise of peace and making the world a better place

Recently we have America, who are forcing other countries to adhere to their ideals, killing people who get in the way, and it has been revealed, have a massive torture camp (guantanamo bay) and have been condemned for invading countries, though it is being done to make the world a better place!

Now I know comparing the American government to the Nazi Regime may seem immoral, there are at least differences, America isnt going on a mass exodus of a minority, a major failing of the Nazis, who may have been ruling a larger part of europe today if it wasnt for that.

But try looking at the situation from an objective standpoint, removing emotion and humanitarian thoughts and the similarities are quite astounding. The most notable being the economic reason. Germany wished to expand its borders primeraly because of a massive inflation that was gripping the country, they needed more resources and people to bring the value of their currency back up. So they invaded other countries under the guise of peace and helping the wold, spreading lies and propoganda to support the invasion, reminds me of WMD's and such!

America, and most of the westernised world is currently struggling with rising inflation, America imparticular who are under threat of the dollar being sold by Euros instead of Dollars (That would leave the dollar worthless as hardly any country would need it, and there is no other major backing behind the $!

So so far both the American And Nazis did the following

Encountered a recession
Decided to avoid recession by military means
Invaded countries to secure their economic position
Used lies and propaganda to justify the invasion
Forced their ideals on other conutries
Maintained control of the other countries

I have exluded torture and mass exodus, as while it does possibly exist (America has been accused of torturing and has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people) It has not done it in completely the same way as the Nazis, who not only killed millions in their invasions, but began killing people simply because of their religion.

Dont get me wrong, I do not support a Nazi regime, but neither do I support the US incursions, which seem startlingly similiar in my view.

Of course the worst thing is that the US has not learned from Germanys example. the invasions did not help inflation, but propogated it, they became shunned from europe following the war for many years, and still suffer from a slight amount of tension even now.

America will suffer from a depression, as will the UK. Since most peolpe cannot afford to live, or buy a house. A vibrant economy cannot work this way, personal and business bankrupcies are booming, up 78% from the same quater last year and 12% compared to last quater in the UK alone, and the US is in a much worse position as they have jsut had to deal with Alan Greenspan who devalued the dollar enormously. even now the Federal reserve in the US is increasing its output of dollars, and for each dollar that is released into the world all the other dollars become worth that little bit less.

How to avoid the recession? Gold, or a foreign currency that you think will go up,

Golds current dramatic rise is not that dramatic, though it is rising in value it must be weighed against that fact that the dollar is falling against all currencies including gold.

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