19 May 2006

Movie Critics

The Divinchi code was shown at Cannes this week, and unfortunately a lot of the critics seem to dislike it whereas the people who watched it thought it was damn good.

I think the problem with this, like the lord of the rings trilogy is that most film reviewers, are unfortunately, geeks. Don't get me wrong, I have more than my fair share of geeky friends, I know some fairly geeky stuff myself. However, I wouldn't let the fact that the movie doesn't follow a book change my perception of the movie, So whereas the film critics laughed at the turning point and sat in stony silence at the end, it was more down to the fact that they were disillusioned it was going to follow the book exactly more than the quality of the film itself.

The rest of us thought it was a pretty good film, so what if it didn't follow the book spot on?

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