06 June 2006

World Cup - First England Game

The first world cup game is nearly upon us, and the England game coming up on saturday should be fantastic *Dances about in excitement* I have missed hte raw excitement that seems to accumulate when the england footy team play, its no where near matched by rugby or cricket. Dont get me wrong, you want them to win, but it just isnt the same!

But heres the plan.

Me and a couple of mates are tempted to go overseas and watch a game or two of the World Cup in person, unfortunately we cant decide which games, there is basically two sides. The side that wants to go and see games we will definately win, hence they will be very enjoyable and allow us to taunt the opposing team mercilessly, or the side that wants to see good football teams so we can see a fantastic game of football no matter what the outcome. Personally im a bit undecided, but i think a win against Brazil would be a hellova lot better than a win against Jamaica, they should stick to the bobsleding judging by last weekends game.

In other news,

  • I desperately need to do some washing
  • I dont think me and this lass is going to work out, she just doesnt see intrested anymore.
  • I pissed off so many people at work last friday, unfortunately this time it was mostly people I like.
  • I placed a £5 bet on Croatia to win the world cup, after seeing the odds I thought whehey thats worth a punt (after way too many pints)
  • The bloke who tried to top himself turned out to be suffering from a few broken bones only, me and a few other people are getting ready to wait outside with some complementary tickets to the chrysler building and some pointy sticks.
  • I watched Carrie last night, loadsa naked birds at the start, was a bit let down by the main character though. They should have taken someone like the girl from not another teen movie who could become instantly fit after shedding the gawky look.

And thats a quick round up of my life, I will post a bit more about my pissed up antics last thursday, friday & saturday shortly, however im still trying to remember them. Be warned it contains Nuns, school girls without underwear (Only pretend scool girls, *raises middle finfer at peados*) and copious amounts of alcohol and random dances.

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