22 September 2008

The new facebook has turned me off what was once a great networking tool, it put me in touch with a lot of old friends, it got me talking to some new people interested in similar music and it let me beat my friends at scrabble time and time again.

Now however there is 'new' facebook. As with many 'new' products it is an overcomplicated, messy and un-intuitive design. If 'old' facebook had been 'new' facebook you can guarentee it would not have taken off.

I would boycott faceebook if it was not for the fact that my entire bloody social calender, contacts and pictures are all now managed by that bloody website.

11 September 2008


It has become apparent yet again that my body requires alcohol to function, I am on my fifth day alcohol free and I am tired. Very Tired.

If I was in a sleeping competition I'ld sleep in and miss it. I'm so tired I can't think of an original joke, infact I am so tired that a hot Finnish girl came to our house and though I really want to try it on with her I really can't be arsed.

I think mostly it is because I am still going to the puib, and being sober.

I sit there and talk, but only drink coke or water.


Bugger it anyway, at least it's helping my bank balance!

In other news I hired my first long term writer last night!

Business is looking up, wohooo, really want to turn my side job into a full time thing, would make my life so much better!

05 September 2008

Why I couldn't Give a Shit About the US Presidential Elections

The world media has been in a frenzy over the upcoming presidential elections in the US. And with good reason. The person holding the presidency will be in charge of one of the worlds largest military and economic powers.

So why don't I give a shit who wins the US Elections 08?

Because, lets face it, it doesn't really change anything.

All the candidates are chosen for the show they put on, not for any real life experience, their policies tend to focus on publicised politics, not things that matter and they tend to get voted in on the number of points they score in rebuttals during debate.

The actual running of the country is done not by the people who sit in office but the people who have worked in politics for years, behind the scenes. Lets be honest, they are making a bit of a hash of it all.

And to the rest of the world it does not matter who is voted in, simply because America will always do whatever seems best to its undercover decision makers at the time, with no consideration for world politics or agendas.

The posts appearing on here are, I warn you, going to become more depressive, on Monday I am giving up the booze for a month or two!