28 November 2006

Managerial look

Like any aspiring young man I am always looking for that little bit of an edge to get me promoted faster, so far my best option seems to be the management look. The management look is mostly accentuated by the management hairstyle, this is either a full head of silvery well styled hair or the shaved monk cut, where the wearee of the hair is bald on top and at the front, but has a shaved short band of hair going from ear to ear around the back of his head.

In all honesty I dont think I look old enough to pull off either look, so I may need some surgery to put some crows feet in and give my skin that 'worn' look.

24 November 2006

Snooker and Photoshop

Last night was a night of snooker and booze, and half an hour of photoshop.

Snooker went quite well, I was on the winning team in all three games (we had teams of 2 since 4 of us went) despite not having many breaks above 1. I also had my tea there, because our snooker club does the nicest chips (Fries for the americans, you wouldnt know a real chip if someone bludgeoned you to death with it) I have ever tasted in my life. I usually have a plate of chips but this time I had a burger as well, while it was nice I was also kinda disappointed by the none orgasmicness that I have come to expect from their chips (I love my food)

Also that night I removed a mourngy waitress from one of my mates holiday snaps, she was blocking the view of a very nice resteraunt, I was actually quite pleased with the result! Just need to mess around with the lighting a bit and it will be sorted.

21 November 2006

The Internet is for porn

This video is so damn funny, you need volume and I wouldnt recommend playing this ina crowded office!

The sun is shining

The weather is, fucking freezing!

Fortunately since an office move at work i live about 2 minutes away from my office, we also have a sandwich shop downstairs, which I am resisting, despite the sausage and hash brown lovelyness. Ok im going to stop now, drooling way too much!

This will be my first where I will not be commuting by train to work, this will give em the fantastic opportunity of taking a deckchair to york train station and laughing at all the freezing cold late for work people who are suffering how I used to, I think I deserved it.

17 November 2006

Your Blog needs YOU!

Yes thats right, I am appealing to my visitors to post comments, no matter how crap. my google page ranking has just slipped from a 3 down to a 2, this is breaking my heart, therefore I am begging all visitors to leave a comment, no matter how irrelevant to a post.

In other news it is dress down day at work again today, all money raised to goto children in need. I wouldnt mind but im going futher and futher into debt at the moment, there will be a bit of relief on this though as im off to Alliance and Leicester who give me a 0% overdraft for 12 months =D

i fanally switched to A&L after HSBCs branh First Direct introduced £120 a year annual fee on their normal current accounts. This is the final straw for me as the possibility of HSBC doing something similar on top of poor intrest rates and shady customer service is something I no longer want to deal with.

Now post comments, gogogo.

15 November 2006


It seems to be basic human nature to choose the worst possible path for yourself, we are naturally a race of sadists, a problem that even the most intellectual of us succumb to.

The brazen attrocities some people commit to hurt others and themselves startle even me sometimes, usually in the name of some false crusade, sometmies out of necessity or even out of a desire to protect ones self.

The amount of people the west has killed to protect itself is a staggering figure, Bush and the other leaders who are helping him keep his dollar afloat no matter what the cost have engaged in wars for no reason. True saving his country from a depression will save countless lives as well, but how do you judge the west more important than the east?

The survivalist instinct that has instigated so much strife against the middle east, from the Afghanistan invasion (that was planned in some released government documents well before the planes ever flew into the two towers) up untill the threats thrown against iran. All the lives lost in these conflicts because these countries defied the US, refused to be blackmailed, and sold their oil in euros. Hell this weakened the dollar, but in america there will always be food, even on a weak currency.

It makes me sick.

14 November 2006

Bloody Sony Erricson K750i Paintjob

I have a K750i, a pretty nice phone, or at least it was.

In a couple of weeks I get the feeling the paint on my phone will have gone completely and my phone will be a uniform cheap plastic off white because sony didnt deem me worth of using plastic the right colour. Its a shame beause I like most sony products, especially their laptops, rawr.

13 November 2006


I love muse, was never a fan till I heard them live, in a veritable thunderstorm. Hardore.


I got a cold alright...

btu why does the singer have to sound so much like a beegee wannabee sometimes.

10 November 2006

The Desktop Shop is Back!

After a long absense my tech reviews site is back online, though it used to be pretty popular I had a lot of trouble novating the site onto my new server, so kinda gave up on it about 9 months ago. But as of last weekend I have pulled it all back together, and though I have lost all the old forum posts and stuff im sure I can get it back on track in no time!

visit the Desktop Shop at


06 November 2006

Best chat up line in the universe?

On friday I went to partake in a few beverages with some friends of mine who are solicitors.

One of my mates who shall remain nameless for this post is a happily married man, child on the way but was however sypathetic with my currently single status so agreed to be my wingman.

So as per usual we went over to two cute looking blonde lasses, introduced ourselves and started conversing, they told us who they where (I cant remember that) what they did (I also cant remember that) and then asked us the same question,

"Well I work for ***, I just deal with finances and stuff like that"

Then my mate, in all his glory said,

"Im a gynocologist, I look at vaginas all day"

"Vaginas?" one of the blondes said, looking ever so slightly scared.

then, this bit quite surprised me,

"What kinds of vaginas have you seen?" the other blonde said,

"Big ones, small ones, furry ones, shaved ones, green dripping ones" He said, at this point I very nearly punched him.

"So I take it you know what your doing down there?" she said

"Not really, if it ever swells up give me a call"

and the conversation moved away from teh topic.

worst thing is it worked,

even worse thing is I buggered it up, said ild be back in a second, bumped into a mate from college on the way and ended up talking to him for twenty minutes, by the time I had got back they had left, damnit!

03 November 2006

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Strikes Again

"In a review of more than 250 studies of young people's sexual behaviour, researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine discovered striking similarities in what affects young sexual behaviour in different countries."

Recently I posted on the BBC using someone from department of hygene and tropical medicine commenting on the effects of proposed drinking laws in teh UK, and how massivly inccorect they were.

Now it seems that they are also qualified to give advice on condom use

I particularly like their commnt as follows

"Some sexually active under 25s associate condoms with a lack of trust, while others believe carrying them could imply sexual experience, which might be a plus for men but not necessarily for women."

OK, Women, how many of you out there prefer inexperienced men,I have never met a woman who preffered inexperience over experience, in either a sexual or social when the topic came up.

Why oh why dos a department whos concern is hand washing and tropical fevers feel teh need to make public statements about condom use and ways to avoid binge fdrinking when they always seem to be incorrect?