08 May 2006


I went to a BBQ yesterday, the spread was amazing!

It rained throughout the day, though this failed to put a dampner on the day it was quite amusing when as soon as we had finished cooking & eating the sun came out.

It seems like 'tis the season to have birthdays' as the BBQ was celebrating a 21st & there is another birthday coming up this week!

It seems like Mr Scott Adams is looking to invest in the stock market, cant say I blame him, though i dont think now is the right time, commodities seem a far better bet at the moments, and despite my initial scepticism about the gold market I have been proved wrong time and time again thinking it will end. Im guessing the constant rise is due to Americas current instability, but gold has been undervalued for a long time, will be interesting to watch!

My predictions on the housing market seem to be coming around, Brixton announced today it is selling 460 million pounds worth of property, a wise move in my opinion, a pull out now will gain them a healthy profit and avoid the downtrend that is becoming visible to everyone in the market

The good thing about property is that it does contain a very 'real' value, and one that will nearly always increase overall (Barring damage occuring to the property)

Which brings me onto my next subject, Buy to Let.

Buy to let over the last few years is rarely profitable if linked in with a mortgage. However with the increasing number of people filing for bankrupcies there will be a lot of people coming back into the rental market, I believe there will be a sharp drop in housing prices soon, and if we can find the bottom of that drop it would seem to me to be a fantastic time to buy to let, since the increase of rentals would push the renting price upwards.

This is pure guesswork, working through what I think will logically happen, does anyone have any other theories regarding the future of buy to let?

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