30 March 2010

On the Road Again

Looks like it's that time again, in just over 24 hours I will be landing in Austin, Texas, where I will start a life as a true American, and will be starting by getting married to one!

Yes, I am getting hitched, not sure if I had mentioned it here, but I am looking forward to it all!

I will seriously try to get some updates up here soon, but I have been way too damn busy!

02 March 2010

Yet Again I Apologise....

It seems I have lost track of this blog yet again, this is not anything intentional, I have just been incredibly busy trying to make money online, and fortunately I have been succeeding!

Life has been astoundingly hectic though, the good news is that my American Visa has been approved, and I will soon be living in Austin Texas, where I will undoubtedly at some point re-enter the working world as an office lackey.

I have been writing a lot on Hubpages, and recently wrote a page entitled Hubpages Sucks, since some people were putting down a system which for me has paid off big time!

I will be attempting to catch up on a lot of your blogs soon, but life is very busy.

I would like to point out that I met the lovely Celeste the other day though, a woman jsut as charming in real life as she is on her (unfortunately neglected :P)