03 May 2006

Lotto Winnings

I won another 12 pounds ($24) on my lottery syndicate over the weekend, not too shoddy!

Just to the critic, while this is similar to a pyramid scheme it does have a product that works. I dont claim that this will make you a millionaire overnight, infact I would stress that to make money, or even play for free, you will have to advertise, and to make a decent monthly income you will have to give up some of your free time, personally I think its worth a shot, but why dont you try it yourself?

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YOu can join, and make money from this anywhere in the world, currently this has only taken off in the UK, but I think there is a Massive market currently untapped in the US, while it would be hard for me to access that myself, any Americans could give it a go, the same goes for China and Canada!

I am in this to make money myself, but theres nothing to stop you doing the same!

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