13 April 2006

Worst Thing That Can Happen In a Morning

Ok, the worst has happened.

Having just moved into a new place I have constrained my budget, this included removing my morning sausage and hash brown buttie from my diet, not easy but it wasnt an essential part of my life. Now the guy sat next to me has just brought in a sausage and egg, omg the smell of grease *Drools*.

So yeah, I think the rest of this morning is going to go mighty slow.

In other news, I forgot to mention it in my last post, but last night at the snooker club I managed to get myelf soundly thrashed, winning only two games =( I would still Recommend Castle Snooker as a good venue though!

My plan to become a millionaire is starting to bear fruit, yesterday I earnd $0.07! :D thats about 4.5p , but i et taxed 20% on that, so i earnt 3.6p yesterday *Does a groovy dance* today with any luck i'll turn that into 4.6p.... AFTER TAX!!

Ok, its nothing impressive, but you always have to start somewhere right? I recon if i start another blog I could double my money, but im not entirely sure what I could write about...

Ideas anyone?

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