14 April 2006

End of singleton?

Ive had a good two months of being single, but I think its about time I hooked up with someone again, I feel like being in a relationship. I do kinda miss this lass called Emma, was with her for nearly 6 months, things went downhill though, but shes one of the few women I could completely trust. Ahh well, I have just moved into a new city, so I could do with meeting some new people, we will be having a massive housewarming soon, and I may do a bit of a bar crawl, see what if I can meet anyone who would suit as a gf, dont get me wrong, im not 'looking' for love, but some women I can get on with, where as others bore me.

In other news, family visit kinda dragged, think ive got everything sorted now though!

Bumped into a coupla ladies who I havnt seen since highscool, that was kinda fun, they have turned pretty mental to be honest!

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