28 April 2006

Continued Ramblings of an Office Worker

So so tired today, on the plus side though, THREE DAY WEEKEND, cant beat it!

Drinking planned for friday and saturday with relaxation for the remaining two days.

The stock market is currently on a downturn, dispite my fears for the mining and oi sector though im not particularly worried, with the hike in intrest rates over in chine and a bank holiday coming up I think its more a case of people not buying (Why gamble for the three day period, buy in afterwards attitude) and too many people selling, I predict futher rises in these sectors.

I tipped Global Marine Energy (GME) to a few mates, and they seem to ahve done well out of it so far. I wouldnt buy into it till next week, or at latest COP today, as I think shares will continue to fall until tuesday next week.

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