19 April 2006

Religion - is the Qu'ran Evil?

I have been following the massive debate on the Dilbert Blog concerning religion.

One of the main arguing points seems to be the largely excessive use of violence in some parts of the texts (Even though this contradicts peaceful parts of the Qu'ran)

Personally I dont think religion is the cause of violence, thats just down to the wankers, which you get in any society. Neither do I think the scriptures themselves are evil, the bible tells us to goto war against none christians, but you dont see christians cutting off heads. the plain fact of the matter is that religious extremism doesnt work in todays society, indeed the bible has had much of its extreme chapters removed.

In most cases people have the common sense to stick to the peaceful parts of religion, and ideologism, but you must remember that most people who want to use ideologism to change the world tend to use the point of a gun to do so (Hitler etc). The difference being Hitler wanted the perfect race, tall blonde blue eyed etc, where as religious extremists want their religion to be predomonant.

As a non belever in religion I can see how most religions follow a pattern of entice and control, this was used by most sections of society throughout history, entice people with peace, a better way of life and heaven, then once the people believe, and you have your own personal army, convert through force not peace, kill disbelievers and invade their countries. The invading part being christianity, muslim seems to be more about defending your country and religion by force. IN the same vein though the crusades were based on smimilar rules to current terrorists. They took passages made to defend faith and convert and used them to rape and pillage (similar to Mohammed, who raped, plundered and allowed is troops to break the law of Islam)

In all religions the people who come to prominence were leaders, not prophets. they did not do for religion, but personal gain. Jesus may have done a lot, but most of it gave him personal glory, and lets face it, he didnt have much choice in wether to die for his sins or not, the books describing how he 'chose' to die were written by his disciples, who probably needed a bit of protection after the Jews had just strung up their leader. After all it wouldnt have looked good for their religion if the son of god was killed by a handful of gaurds, wouldnt god have intervened?

I think in this day and age there would be more of a consensus that religion was a form of control, and belief was the tool, indeed many christians now do not 'believe in god' but rather believe in the peaceful teachings, which they think, in some cases correctly, that is bringing a better way of life for humanity, maybe in another century this will become accepted and we can stop spending so much of our tax money on frigging churches!

I'ld be intrested to know peoples views on religion (Not the Qu'ran) as i think its a fasinating topic, also any people who truely believe in a diety, as i dont think I could ever do it myself!


tanvi said...

I believe in God because it helps me feel better about life. I dont see God as described by scriptures in general. He is not a harsh taskmaster monitoring my every move and judgigng me, to decide whether I go to heaven or rot in hell. She to me what I was and will be. I dont believe in hell. Gods love is non judgemental and all accepting. He loves me as I love her. I do practice certain rituals though I dont see God needing them but because I come from a religious hindu family and at times I enjoy prying to get myself away from the monotony of life. Your point of religious zealots making us fight violent wars by promising peace in heaven is a real good one.Its like turning earth into hell in pursuit of heaven.Ciao!

Backyard Barbarian said...

To me, it is the religions that are messed up. I know you may disagree, but hear me out.

There are so many religions that come out of the same book. But all of them believe different things. For instance, take the Catholic religion. I was raised Catholic. Catholics changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday (the Pope did, if you don't believe me I will post the reference later).

God said the Sabbath was on Saturday (the 7th day) and to keep it holy. The Jews recognize the same Sabbath (Saturday) and have kept it forever. That may be a small point to you, but it is a large one for me. God said do this, and man said no do this instead. Can you name another time in biblical history when that happend? How about Adam and Eve?

All of these religions have religious leaders, who are men (or women, but predominantly men). All men (and women) are imperfect, yet they make rules and change the meaning of the Bible around.

Another for instance. I am not gay. But I have a family member who is. It does disgust me, and I don't like the thought of it. Besides the Bible saying it's wrong, it is just unnatural (no matter what the scientists say). But in families all over the place, people are disowned for being gay. Imagine if we did that with all sinners, and shunned everyone who sinned. Everyone would be alone in the world. God says to love your neighbor, but people will morph other words in his book and give themselves a reason to hate others. Maybe we should hate one another for not keeping the Sabbath holy, or maybe we should hate each other for having impure thoughts. We are all sinners.

Anyhow, that is my 2 pence. Religion is run by man, religion is wrong. Faith is good. God is good. Love God and love one another.

Oli said...

Tanvi, im quite intrested as to the way you keep changing the gender of god, sometimes you refer to god as a she, othertimes a he!

To backyard barbarian, I think the general excuse is that they are 'guided by the hand of god'

Most religions have been substantially changed over the past few centuries, usually as a tool of control & power, for a mans greater gain more than anything, in other cases is was done as part of some kind of ideology, take communism, though not on a large scale it was pushed that communism was backed up by the bible, quoting many passages about sharing etc.