13 April 2006

Miscellaneous Spending

I have just realised how much I have un-neccessarily spent this month, it can be summed up in the phrase that involves the word 'creek' 'paddle' and 'without'
I think my only hope will be to get a second job, or ebay off a load of my old clothes, electronics, gadgets and me.

Either way I wont be going out much over the next few weeks, and I have to avoid all shops, women (Damn expensive things) and, though in york this is nigh on impossible, big issue sellers.

Quick fact for you, the average big issue seller earns more than me, and most clerical works *C*NTS*

Im thinking of starting a 'pay my way to leeds fest' donation counter, unfortunately I doubt the 10 - 20 daily visitors to my blog will end up contributing the £400 it will probably cost me for the weekend ($800 for the yanks) However whatever the cost Leeds festival is something that must be done, so here I come =D

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