21 April 2006

How to become a millionaire

I am taking up one of my mates money saving techniques, this wasnt really practical when I lived in a village but now im in town I think i might give it a go.

What he would do is basically take any money he had left at the end of each day, notes and all, and put it into a jar, this was usually about 12 - 13 pounds, he would then put this into a savings account at the end of each month, usually with an extra hunred pounds on top. He is now making an extra months wage a year from his savings, I have now officially classed him as 'a bastard' but the technique is sound, I may have to give it a go, though im a little bit too skint to do it just at the moment!

Does anyone else have any other tips for saving money that have worked well over the years?

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