19 April 2006


Will be a big drinking session tonight around York, and in accordance with the irrovocable law of sod, its pissing it down. We will be heading off to a gig at Judges first before heading into town to get drunk, it should be a good night though!

Im tempted to sell my shares in BG group, though it may go higher I've took a hefty profit already from this, and its wise to not get too greedy.

p770.00 - current price
6.00 - Change today
£3,611.30 - Total Value
£987.48 - Profit since January (Initially bought these shares in at approx £1000)

As you can see, 300% in the last couple of years is not too bad, I think the Iran situation is mostly bluster, so I think that shares will still rise in the short term until the Iran situation diffuses, then its just a ticking time bomb!

On that note personally I applaud the Iranians for trying to instigate nuclear power, they have little scope for coal or gas power, and oil is making too much profit to be used in powerplants, I would say that with their budget currently a Nuclear facility would be a recommended choice.

I may have said this before but the only reason Bush is intrsted in Iran is because it wishes to sell Oil in euros, this would probably bring down the US economy as Oil is all that supports the dollar!

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