21 April 2006

American Revolution 2


As most people will know, most revolutions start when two radically different grous of people in a country disagree, in this instance I will base this on the french revolution, Rich and Poor, Nobility and the Plebians.

I use the french as an example because it was rich and poor, very much like america today. the difference being that this time we have credit. The American populice relies heavily on this magical stuff, unfortunately it maens many people dont realise how poor they have become. The government tries doing all kindsa stuff to make it seem like people are flurishing, the fact remains though that the governmetn is pumping out more and more dollars, and people are getting more and more in debt.

Analysts say that a mortage does not count as a debt, they say the value of the house should be offset, and this is tru toa point, however if the market crashes, who will buy your house? and when you cant pay your mortgage for that month, the debt collecters will have that oh so precious asset that kept your debt level down.

The reason I call this a revoluion is simple, when the american dollar collapses there will be a major poor-rich disparity, and americans always have the beligerant i know im right streak, which is a perfect mix for an all out clash.

Dont get me wrong, I dont think it will be quite as bad, armies and guillotenes will probably not feature hugely, but i would predict outbreaks of violence, increase in crmie etc as people have no other way to survive. and some major democratic upheaval as the economic structure of America is rebuilt.

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