19 April 2006

Lunchtime blues

The weather is pretty bad at the moment, its a shame because its been really nice recently, damn april showers.

Today seems to be dragging, you know when you feel like youve done a full days work but only reached lunchtime?

My website income still isnt the best,, but it seems to be improving generally! I am building up my shop, this will not sell things direct but search for teh cheapest price available, kinda like pricegrabber or froogle, so i hope you will visit it!

At the moment there is a basic search tool, give it a go here!

Im having trouble with google ads not showing up on a few of my sites, imnot 100% sure why this is, as if i re upload the files individually they seem to work, but since there are about 16000 its not something I particularly fancy doing!.

My PSP site seems to be on track, getting a few visitor, I will have to update the cheats section though as it only covers a few games at the moment!

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