11 April 2006

Google Ads

You may, or most probably may not have noticed that there ae now some adverts on my site, feel free to click these if they intrest you! The make money from your blog thing is exactly what im trying, though I doubt it will work.

I watched the office last night, work of pure genius, then I watched ghost busters, which is not only genius, it has Sigourney Weaver in an off the shoulder top, Rawr.

So yeah it got me thinking, nowdays when actors play their roles they tend to be fairly similar, realistic to the norm characters, but not really like any of the characters you tend to get n real life. For Example

  • The Secretry, never seen a drier sense of humour
  • The Short Geeky Guy - Fantastic
  • The Boffin Ghost Buster
  • The Normal Ghost Buster
  • The Lovestruck Ghostbuster
  • The Black Ghostbuster (Would of done the 'not another teen movie' style 'Man, that shit is WHACK' if the censors had allowed it into a pg movie)
  • The Stuck Up Musician
  • Slimer (What a guy)
  • The Sleazy EPA

Just to name a few, the characters all seem to stand out obviously, however they dont seem overplayed. I think that when this was wrote some genius was at work to make all this fit together so well.

So yeah, anyway *Ahem* im currently in a fantasy share trading league (and im winning) on http://www.bullbearings.co.uk feel free to join me, be warned though I will kick your ass.

My mate has decided that communism is the best form of government, ild agree with him if it wasnt for the overriding factor of human nature, bit of a gyp but there ya have it.

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