25 April 2006


I have joined a new lottery scheme that i think will work to everyones favour,
They charge £5 a week to enter both uk draws. I admit that to start with i was sceptical about this, but after the first two weeks i had gained £57. Of course this wont happen every week, but it gets better!

If you refer someone you will get 20% of their payment, so if you refer 5 people yu play for free!

Not only that - But for each of the people they refer you get 5% and 5% of the people they reffer down to seven layers, and after that, if you do well enough you can have infinate layers from 1 -2%, this could generate a huge income!

Im already playing for free, so are most of my family and some of my friends, and pretty soon im expecting a cheque for my referal bonuses!

If that isnt enough, play grab a grand free, if your 5 of your numbers match the lottery draw you instantly win £1000 and ontop of that if anyone you referred wins you get £1000 too!

Dont forget though, on top of the cheque you still stand the chance to win huge sums in your syndicate, with chances up to 37,000% more likely!

Heres the referal scheme, as you can see the amounts are incredibly generous!


John said...

Perhaps you don't understand the concept of the ponzi scheme. The only way to legally make money is to offer something for more than it cost you. Schemes like this sre just stealing from the new people to pay the earlier members. Eventually you run out of new people and the thing collapses.

Oli said...

I think you mean pyramid scheme, and while this is similar in amy respects it tends not to follow the same rules because this brings in a huge amount of lottery money, i pulled in over £50 ($100) on wednesday because some of our syndicates numbers got drawn.

I think you will find that most advertising refferal schemes work on similar principles, including companies such as Google (Offer $100 for refferals)Amazon - you can get Huge refferal bonuses through them.