18 April 2006


My shares have been performing well over the last week, im pretty glad my portfolio was balanced enough to survive the downwards trend ni the market last week (especially since I lacked any alcohol or tobacco shares)

It seems that standard life are still on track to give me a windfall. Since i've been with them over two years, and I have been advised I could expect upto £2000, judging on life experience though I expect £1000, but will probably get £500, then get taxed down to £250.

In was absolutely knackered this morning, I think ive slept too much over the weekend, on sunday i dropped off at about 6pm, and woke up at 9am the next day. I think its been one of those weekends where ive just had so much sleep its left me constantly tired, so I think it may be wise to avoid doing that in future.

Our bull Bearings share trading league is going well, im on top =D ive gained about 3% and holding in the last week, though ive played defensively over the last week because of the weak state of the market.

There is a jewellers in York thats doing 50% discount on most of its wares, i got myself a kenetic watch (by pulsar) for £50, no more death of watch batteries for me! =D

Never buy stock in BT, judging by my dealings with them about 50% of their middle - lower management are not required, there was actually a report (Which BT ignored) which said similar to that. I cannot see how the company will continue to operate efficiently like that, especially since a lot of the middle management arnt in that position because of their skills, but because they have worked there for their entire life. hence why some of the account managers have no financial expertise, but are our account managers because they sat at a bt helpdesk for ten years without being able to get a better job. Shoot me now.

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