17 April 2006


Hmmm, Well ive had two comments, not quite as many as i hoped for, so in the true spirit i'll say 18 people were too lazy and my guess at the amount of visitiors was correct :D

Hits wise I seem to be getting 20 a day anyway!

I have been reading through all my dilbert books, absolutely love it, just a quick plug for Dilbert and the Dilbert Blog

msn wont connect so im temporarily out of touch with everyone,normally ild be bothered but im in a real lazy ass mood today so im not too fussed, must be because its a bank holiday!#

Work tomorrow, same old, mite bob down to the snooker club later though, get a few games in!


Wanky Yanky said...

Are you subtracting the number of times that you visit the website from the number of hits?

Oli said...

Yep, i only visit my own site once or twice a day, usually to check links, and (If any) comments, not a huge amount of reason to read what I wrote that day =p