12 April 2006

Nokia N91

When the Nokia N91 was first announces I was astounded, the specs, including its 4 GB hard drive all were hugely impressive. Unfortunately due to many delays in the release of this phone it has been overtaken by many other makes of phone.

I myself have a Sony Erricson K750i, which matches the Nokia N91 (If you buy a 4Gig Sony Duo pro Memory Card) in most ways appart from the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The headphone Jack is a usefull feature, but it isnt realy worth an extra £400. Of course the Nokia N91 also has a well made OS (Though we havn't had much chance to see it, and the BETA versions were emant to be fairly slow) which supports many media formats and is meant to be fairly customisable, using one of the latest symbian OS's.

I think considering the advances in technology the n91 is simply too late, however if Nokia get their ass's in gear and release the Nokia N92 (A phone with TV inbuilt) It may be a huge success, but they will have to get their prices down again.

I think my next phone purchase will have to be the Motorola SLVR, looks so damn good!

I wil be cutting down on looking at phones based on storage and MP3 apability since I simply never use it, I have found myself listening to a lot of Digital radio recently, as now they have many more, less generic channels I can usually find something that I want to listen to without much trouble, a phone with inbuilt Radio (not one of those shoddy needs phone brand headphones to use things) and Digital Radio would be a feature ild look for in a phone, due to battery consumption ofa DAB though I cant see it being implemented in phones for the near future.

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