02 October 2006

Where do the weekends go?

Man this weekend seems to have shot by, it doesnt seem like I've had any time at all.

When computers first came onto the scene it was predicted that people would only have to work 3 day weeks, tis was their goal, its WHY people slaved away in basements to create better systems.

Of course this never happened, the companies used the computers to get more work done for the same cost, but the people had to work harder, dealing with more information and having to work with multiple systems all of them different. The result?


Ive seen it happen to a few people, and I sometimes feel like im going the same way.

Sometimes people just get up, walk out the door, others go mental, sometimes smashing there computers or punching the walls a few times before leaving. Personally I dont want this to happen to me, I would preffer to leave on good terms, hence why I need to find a new job sharpish.

This would probably come as a surprise to some of the people I work with, I keep a very cool calm exterior most of the time, but some of the people I have been dealing with recently deserve a right good clog around the noggin.


Biggles said...

I know what you mean - I was i this position 2 years ago - I left my job. I'm now back and appreciated much more. The grass isn't always greener. Good luck !

Jezebelsriot said...

You need a deterrent to murderous rampages, I would try hookers or porn. ;-)

I was thinking the other day that human nature is essentially of a lazy disposition and we have been fighting it since the dawn of time. Why not give in? We can live in the woods and eat moss off of rocks.

What am I saying, I can't stand to go without perfumey soap for an entire day, let alone bathe in rivers and never shave. So scratch that.

Oli said...

Our company has a history of firing peolpe and then hiring them back on twice teh salary, if only I was in a key position.

And il give you £5 if you be my hooker jezebel, thats like $500, honest!

Jezebelsriot said...

Yeah, don't believe you. We'll have to exchange in goods rather than money. But you need to know, I'm a terribly sexually selfish person.

Oli said...

Does That mean you like to go on top and do everything your way or the bloke go on top and do everything to you?