30 October 2006

Climate Change

We see climate change in our headlines quite a lot, always with dire warnings of impending doom, though I have yet to see any doom yet.

What I cant help but notice is that the climate warnings always seem to come out when there is no other news, I can imagine the BBC head office now.

John: Ok, whats the lead story going to be for today!

Fred: Well weve had no terrorist bombings, Forest fires, plane crashes, sex scandals or cute furry animals doing funny things.

John: Damn, lets just say were all going to die from global warming in the next ten years, no one can prove that either way.

Its nice to know that despite the warnings there has been no rise in global temperature yet that doesn't have natural causes (Ie there has been a slight rise, this is however caused by a wobble in the earths rotation, this is a well known and acknowledged fact in geological circles)

However it does make a good story due to any claims being unprovable on either side & causing huge numbers of the ignorant masses to start panicking and claiming doomsday etc.

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