29 September 2006


Thank fuck for that.

40 minutes to go

So close but yet so far

39 minutes to go

Really want to go out tonight

Fucking boring mates

Fucking skint bank account


I might try and get some money together to go skiing abroad next year, I miss the alps, want to goto a different mountain range this time though, can anyone offer some advice on the best place to ski?


Moo said...

U know how you feel on the skint feeling...however I did manage to go out Friday night, get totally plastered and not spend a penny!! Dont ask me how, coz I really dont know.

Jezebelsriot said...

I completely lack the requisite coordination for skiing. Well, for all sports. I can play a wicked game of volleyball on the Play Station though.

Oli said...

I too went out friday AND saturday despite being skint, however due to not having breasts I spent in the region of £100.

Skiing does not require too much co-ordination, you just have to rememebr to avoid the trees, as for playstation volleyball I saw it once in the shop and decided that the scantily clad women where aiming for the just pubescent teens and gameplay would probably be lacking =p

Moo said...

Poor you, perhaps you should grown some!!?

Moo said...

i mean grow!!

Oli said...

i have had some fof many a year now, despite my best efforts of shaving.

Oli said...