26 October 2006

Michael J Fox

I read a story on the BBC today.


Michael J Fox has been suffering from parkinsons for a long time now, it stopped his acting career back in 2000 and is one of the major degenerative diseases in the world at this time.

Despite his sufferings this man has raised millions to help research into this disease, as well as being a strong political supporter of stem cell research that could help cure both parkinsons and a wide range of other diseases.

Unfortunately stem cell research has many political opponents, imparticular George Bush, who claimed the research crossed a moral boundary.

I believe he and his party influenced this even further by holding a vote on whether it should be allowed, he held it in Missouri, according to a bit of minor research this is one of the more heavily catholic populated states in the US by percentage.

I cant help but feel that Bush's 'moral objection' (I put this like this because this moral objection is coming from a guy who has invaded 2 countries and attempting a third just to keep his economy stable, killing thousands upon thousands in the process) is unfounded, and is a mirror image of when autopsies where deemed morally objectionable, and indeed still are by many religious bodies, despite the benefits they have brought to mankind.

I think its obvious that the people who are objecting to stem cell research have never seen anyone they loved deteriorate due to illnesses such as parkinsons or ME, if George, gert offf ma propertai, Bush began to suffer from the disease ild practically guarantee he would change his mind.

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