06 October 2006

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is something that most people do automatically, not in a racist way just down to experience and the chance that someone will be like or do something inparticular. Two good profiles to compare Are the Scots and the Africaans.

Both have near certainties, Africaans dark skinned, Scots pale skinned, their accents will be guesseble etc. But where it gets interesting is what they actually do, same might say its racist to imagine every africaan to do a rain dance naked around a fire, this is true to an extent but it is also racist to think of scots as wearing kilts all the time and playing bagpipes.

Both are true to an extent, many from both countries practice to their respective stereotypes.

Now imagine a different scenario.

You are walking down a street one night and the path splits into two, around a fountain, on one side of the fountain is a group of white youths, hooded up all their bling on. On the other side their is a group of black youths, again, hooded up with lots of jewellery.

Which side of the fountain do you take?

Remember it is just as likely they will ignore you, rob you, rape you or belong to a christian organisation.


Jezebelsriot said...

Teenage boys frighten me. Well, and intrigue me. I would invite both sides of the fountain to my house for cake and underage drinking and then I would ignore, rob AND rape them!

Oli said...

Well if I superglue everything down will you rape me?

Though im not underage im afraid =p

Moo said...

Turn around and go the other way!!! Probably not actually, I dont think it would matter which path you took coz if either gang started on you, I reckon the other gang would help you out...maybe?!

Jezebelsriot said...

Oli, the answer is absolutely. Post flattering nude photos promptly.

ldbug said...

Uh, turn around and run back the other way?