13 October 2006


I have had a lot on at work recently so my posting has been quite lax, this will hopefully end by next week so i should be back on track!

So until then..

Moo - If Robbie offered me a million pounds to let him hump my leg ild turn him down.
Jezebel - I want your babies.
Tracey - If you read this, email me a link to your new picsies - oli4uk@gmail.com
Angry - Do not stalk me on the above email address, however I too am waiting for that Hilton video.


Moo said...

I sooo dont believe you!!

Oli said...

he tried this morning, looks like hes coming back


Jezebelsriot said...

I don't really want babies. Unless you're rich and then let's get to baby makin, I'll push out a couple of munchkins as my meal ticket.

I've been lazy posting too. I've been busy and being busy leaves me very uncreative.

Moo said...

Oli, please send him my way will you!?

Oli said...

Jezebel - I will get rich asap, in the meantime I will remain on the random shags.

Moo - Ok, il make sure her will wear those tiger pants for you.