03 October 2006

US - Denying us business?


Despite our apparent friendly relationship with the US they passed a bill yesterday which prevented any of our companies from providing online gambling services to them. This would not be so bad if it was a 'across the board' crack down on internet gambling. However they will still allow gambling sites within the US to operate.

My view is that this is a crass attempt to keep a multi billion pound market solely in the US by denying any competition from abroad, this breaks a huge amount of agreements within the un as it is basically emposing an economic sanction againts our country and others.

By drawing up an economic sanction that has hit our businesses and our market hard the US has practically aligned us with Cuba in business terms. The British markets tumbled today as UK based gamling companies lost anyting from 28% to 78% of their value overnight.

What annoys me even more is that 'lapdog blair' hasnt even kicked up a fuss about this, he has blatently ignored the problems caused by this bill and the fact that this is one of the few sectors we have that is bringing money into the Uk.


Jezebelsriot said...

We are a country built on rampant contradictions, this is what makes us fun :-) We'll execute your brother for sodomy while we fuck your sister in the ass.

Oli said...

If your the one fucking my sister can I video it? would be able to sell it for loaddsss.

Of course I dont have a sister so I shall be hiring an actor in for that =D

ldbug said...

The reason they did that is so they can prosecute gambling agencies that provide gambling to states that do not allow gambling. They can't chase down the guys outside the country.

Example: It's legal to gamble in my home state of Montana, it's not legal in Tennessee. In MT you can bet on anything anyway, anyhow. In TN, you can get sent to jail for betting a fiver on a football game.

Online agencies try to find a loophole by operating in a state where it's legal, and placing bets for those from illegal states. Still ilegal, just poorly defined and hard for the Gov. to track.

Oli said...

I think the problem arises in teh fact that the US Government clearly stated that there would be no sanctions against US gambling companies who provided the services to the other states, they will be rolling in money soon!

All the US government has managed to do is make US citizens spend their money on US sites.

I personally believe that this is one of hundereds of things the US has done to keep its dollars in the US.