31 October 2006


I went for a pizza last night, boy was it difficult

"Can I have a large pepperoni please?" I enquired

"Met Festtt" said the new guy who was behind the counter"

"Nooo, pepperoni", Because I really dont like the meat feasts there!

"Met Fessttttt is Eighttyy pound" im guessing he meant eight here

"No I want Pepperoni, Seven Pounds 50 Pence"

"No Met Fesstt is eighhtta pound"

"I do not want 'met fest' I want Pepperoni" I said, gettign slightly annoyed

"Your Mettt Fessttt 5 minutes, eighttta pound please"

It was in fact quite nice.

Bloody Turks.

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Jay said...

Why bother being nice?