25 October 2006

Australian Psychopath

When I lived in Selby, a small market town near york & leeds etc I used to be mates with an aussie bloke, who did a lot of voluntary work, helped people who need help, and seemed to be a model citizen...

Till he had a drink.

I personally am a pacifist aore than anything, I try to avoid fighting if I can help it.

The Aussie, after 3 or 4 pints would start getting aggrivated by the slightest thing, after 8-9 pints he would start on anyone who so much as looked at him. The Aussie guy is now locked up, was bound to happen eventually, he isnt too fussed about the whole prison thing, prison is not as bad as it used to be, sports, tv, pool tables, free bed and food its no wonder it costs 25-50 thousand pounds per person we put in jail for a year.

The thing that kind of annoys me is that the police and jury were well aware of how he was a model public citizen without alcohol, so why not put him back on the streets but with a ban on drinking?

I think the people who get put into prison should have all liberties removed, the worst thing about prison is no longer prison itself but the other prisoners, people are more worried about getting arse raped than jail itself, which, while justifiable, is a bit fucked up.

Jail should become a lot stricter in my view, less of the pussy ass peoples rights groups lets punish the people who make everyone elses lifes more miserable.

If prisons were made with a stone bed and no tv, pool etc jail would soon become a much greater detterent. Restrict exercise time and keep the prisoners in their cells at all times (none of this communal bullcrap and I think we would be back on track in no time.

It kind of annoys me that prison, a place where all your liberties are meant to be removed has been so heavily swayed by the groups who think that prisoners should be given a comfortable life.

Prison riots have occured and the reasons given have been as simple as "they didnt have sky tv", instead of these people being kept in their cells and deprived of everything they where given leather sofas and a massive tv with sky.

Yeah that'll turn them into law abiding citizens....


Jezebelsriot said...

Removing all traces of liberty has never historically worked as a deterrent. You would inevitably creating an entire subclass of people in your society that live in horrid conditions in close proximity with each other and have ample opportunity for organization.

Here there is a movement for less comfortable conditions for our prison system, which are already pretty abhorent. One warden in Texas is being heralded as a hero for forcing his chain gang to work in pink boxers and uniforms to emasculate them. I think we also execute the most people in Western civilization and we still have horrible crime rates.

Oli said...

Not sure about that, as far as countries go that have lethal punishments the US has one of the lowest rates, hence why so many people are on death row.

I think its important to make prison somewhere were you really dont want to be, since it no longer incites the fear it used to.