05 October 2006

Guess what, it really does happen!

This is an extract from our call logging system, I have removed the names just to protect identities etc, Enjoy!

Call Reference

Call Description : PC is dead. No lights, nothing. Will not power up.

Call Status : Closed

Helpdesk Operator : xxxxx001

Logged for User : xxxxxx

Log Date/Time : 2006-02-21 07:56:38

Priority : 5: User(s) - Non-Serious Fault ()

Solution : Plugged PC in. Works better that way.

Engineer details : xxxxx

Call allocated to : xxxxx

Allocated on/at : xxxxx

Engineer acknowledged call

Engineer resolved call

Resolved By
Call Journal
Entry By: on ref: 0

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ldbug said...


Although, I have to admit to doing stupid things from time to time too...like the 'insert' key on the keyboard, hit that by accident and spent two hours trying to figure out why the hell my words were being eaten up from the inside...