16 October 2006


I have a cold, hope it doesnt turn into man flu >.<

Feel free to send me get well cards, gifts, cheques etc!

I will hopefully be a bit more creative in a few days, fortunately my job doesnt require more than 3 braincells to be working at once so I can still manage that =D


Biggles said...

Get well soon !

Jezebelsriot said...

Aw, poor babes. Sniffles and all. I just got past this corrosive cough that would cause me to spit up massive green globs of goo. Gross. But I'm all better, hope you are soon.

Oli said...

Hehe Thank You =D

I like the new pic by the way Jezebel, if it wasnt for the fact that I saw it then wondered what you would look like spitting up massive globs of green glue I would be drooling like a dog, instead I now associate you with the exorcist =p

Moo said...

Oli, get well soon!! Man flu, eh its a killer, I'm surprised your not laid up in bed!!

Jezebelsriot said...

I will happily take that association. I like the idea of inspiring lust equally with revolt. If you were Catholic this should fit well.

Oli said...

unfortunately im not a particularly religious person, the only times I feel religious is when

A) I get into a fight and suddenly realise I am outnumbered
B) I apply for a new job
C) When my bank statement comes through

And for your piece of mind moo I have been laid up in bed since wednesday =p

Please note that my above post should ahve read "Green Goo" not "Green Glue"

I reallly shouldnt post while ill =p

Moo said...

Oli, how the hell did you manage to give me your cold flu bug, huh!?