11 September 2006

To Tracy

You were at leeds fest and you didnt ring me =O

Please note the following though,

A) Congratulations you got a personal post on my blog, a rare achievement!
B) Hope you get better soon, I still have a pretty bad cough!
C) Give me the name of a good opticians
D) How come its taken you so long to look at my blog again, ild kick your ass if I wasnt afraid of your humongous snake coming after me anaconda style.
E) Send me those piccies! Do you have my gmail address? (I havn't been online much so seem to have lost touch with loadsa people from the whole school/college era)
F) You still havn't come visited my new place, we shall have to go on a york drinking session!


Trace said...

Heh I was just backing up my phone numbers, saw yours and remembered posting a comment, and I find I have a whole post just for me, well, I am truly honoured.

I'm nealy lurgy free thank you :) Sorry you're still badly, it got you good! We were out in that rain approx 2 hours AFTER Muse finished. Not fun.

Specsavers in Selby, trust me. I've done Boots, Vision express and Specsavers in York and the whole service is better there. Promise. Abd you can always get contacts so you don't spoil your pretty face! If I wanna hide I wear glasses though!

Err sorry, not intentional, I'm just not online much any more like yourself :( losing touch hurts like a bitch but if they're good enough mates you do find they come back :)

I don't think you've ever given me your gmail addy no. I've uploaded loads of Leeds pics to photobucket so next time we're on MSN at the same time I'll send you some links.

As for going out drinking :( :( I have NO money, I'm in a bit of a fix, had to cancel breaks away and everything. But I promise when I am next in York I'll think on and let ye know!

Will it let me write this much? Hmm. One way to find out.


Oli said...

Yeah it took us ages to get back after muse too, it was the only tmie at that festival i drank something none alcoholic, a good ol' cup of tea.

Specsavers in selby is way too far for me now =p

Nice to know you think i hae a pretty face, il remember that compliment when im 70 and wrinkly.

And yeah even though I have lost touch with a lot of my mates, however the best ones still seem to appear on my lounge floor most saturday/sunday mornings.