21 September 2006

Sex, Drugs and ReligionBashing Debate

over the months I have been posting on this blog I have noticed many different aspects of what kind of topics people comment on, and some that im surprised they ignore.

Sex blogs seem to do the best, pulling in more commentors than any other kind of blog, every one of them perving over the blog but pretending not infact to be a pervert. I would go for the sex blog aspectbut at the moment the minimum time between posts would at least be a format, the only work around for this would to be a sex change operation and a blonde wig, only then could I hope to compete with the popularity of NFGirl and Ellie etc

Drugs also seems to eb a hot topic, on the rare occasion I have posted about the subect I get at least one self rightious prick telling me how bad drugs are and one person telling me how he takes cocain, heroin, a tonne of weed a night and paracetamol.

Racial Bashing is also a hot topic, everyone seems to get stirred up whenever someone posts a blog bashing religion, they get loads of posts, compared to when somebody posts objectively about religion and how people view other religions, which no-one seems to be interested in.

So here is todays post,

PORN! 2 hot lesbians Rawr, naked chicks SEX! Lets all get high on crack and perfume woohoo, I hate fucking scientology, the aliens didnt come down and fuck a money to spawn the human race, retards.


Celeste said...

Comments are a weird thing.

I love getting new comments but I don't post just to get comments. In fact 56% of my comments are me replying to comments from other people.

If I comment on another blog it's because I've amazingly thought of something witty to write or I know the blogger well.

Or I'm bored.

Oli said...

The bored option sounds like you, that random email convo out of the blue surprised me =p

Does this mean that if I reply to your comments twice im gaurentted a response? with the odd bonus reply thrown in occasionally =D

Celeste said...

Ha ha ha ha. Probably.

Random is good. Life needs randomness.

Although I've no idea what gaurentted means.....

Oli said...

It means I wrote this either while pissed or first thing after I woke up, in all honesty I can't remember which!

Jezebelsriot said...

Drugs can be good for you, paired with sex they're better.

And I really do hate Scientology- they can thank Tom Cruise as their official celebrity spokesperson for my ambivalence sliding into full blown, sending bombs to their church doors hatred.

Oli said...

Sounds like youve been talking to muslims with crazy eyes and a hook for a hand.